Student voters talk Bernie Sanders’s victory with Nevada caucuses

By Jazmin Bustamante ’21

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’s position as the Democratic Party’s victory regarding the Nevada Caucuses on Feb. 23 stirred conversation among registered student voters at Pritzker College Prep as to how he continues to maintain his frontrunner status throughout ongoing primaries and caucuses.

Though argued, Sanders did not win the Iowa caucuses when considering Pete Buttigieg’s delegate-count victory over the Vermont senator, Sanders held the win in regards to raw votes.

Junior Emiliano Torres, who has helped campaign for Sanders, explained, “I find Bernie Sanders’s lead with the primaries and caucuses so far shows a great mentality shift in the people of this country seeing as how he is the farthest leftist candidate compared to other Democratic runners.”

In 2016’s presidential race, Sanders owed much of his primary campaign’s viability to his popularity among young voters. According to the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University, Sanders had won more of the youth vote in 2016, which was more than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, his presidential competitors, combined.

The current still-maintained success of Sanders with youth voters, despite Warren and Biden’s presence in the Democratic party’s race and especially when considering an increase in newly registered folk, communicates how younger generations gravitate to him. 

Senior Gissele Pacheco maintained support for Bernie Sanders throughout the years, even having attended his rally at Navy Pier on March 3 of 2019.

Pacheco stated, “Sanders tends to approach issues across the board in a very blatant, straight-to-the-point manner, which is something I find other Democratic candidates caution around in fear of losing support or being labeled ‘radical.’ The man has been publicly consistent in his policies ever since he became involved in politics- that alone shows his trustworthiness.”

As junior Dashaun Singleton shared, “Bernie Sanders is the front runner and deserves the treatment and media respect the position entails. Not only that, but if Sanders holds the plurality of delegates, the other Democratic candidates should hold true to their ‘Vote Blue no Matter Who’ mantra and endorse him.”

The upcoming Super Tuesday primary on March third holds significant focus based on the fact that it is when the greatest number of U.S. states holds both caucuses and primary elections. Because of this, more delegate votes can be won on Super Tuesday in comparison to any other day prior to the official presidential election day on Nov. third. 

Singleton finished, “Sanders may very well win most of the Super Tuesday states and will likely be the holder of the most delegates at that point, which I’m entirely rooting for. Personally, I am both tired and done with the empty promises of pragmatic change made by most of the Democratic party; it is not what this country needs. The time has come for someone to not only trounce Donald Trump, but also tackle the Democratic establishment whose main talking point is to defeat Trump instead of instilling structural change across the board in regards to accessible healthcare, education, and more.”