Student voters speak on Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign suspension

Student voters speak on Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign suspension

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ position as a Democratic Party 2020 presidential candidate continues despite his suspended campaign on April eighth which stirred conversation amongst registered student voters at Pritzker College Prep as to how they will now approach the official election this November.

Junior Emiliano Torres, who has helped campaign for Sanders, stated, “After hearing this news, I feel defeated enough to the point where I don’t even want to vote. Joe Biden isn’t a fit candidate to take on Donald Trump; beyond moderate policies which defeat change from being instituted compared to Bernie’s upfront policies it’s also almost as if Biden is undergoing a cognitive decline when seeing him publicly speak in some instances.”

After a call with his campaign staff, Sanders held a livestream on his Youtube channel to publicly address his campaign’s suspension alongside establishing final thoughts to his supporters in general. 

Senior Tiana Jackson explained, “Upon hearing about Sanders suspending his campaign, I watched his livestream and was genuinely heartbroken- I still am. As a young lower class black woman, both his consistent policies and overall political presence have made me feel visible. Comparatively, Biden as a Democrat has heavily moderate and ‘cautionary’ approaches policy-wise and a deeply problematic political record which further inconvenience the working class and so many other demographics. I value consistency, such as what Sanders has demonstrated. I very much oppose this because votes are meant to be earned, not settled for. Bernie Sanders definitely still has my heart.”

 Despite his policies having gained increasing popularity over the years and heavily into the ongoing primary season, Sanders has struggled to establish a winning coalition which would surpass Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden based on a multitude of reasons.

Junior Dashaun Singleton shared, “This all serves as another reminder that electoral politics is not a reliable tool for genuine revolutionary systemic change, to be frank.” 

Singleton finished, “The Civil Rights movement wasn’t and should not be watered down to a struggle for voting rights; it is a grassroots liberation movement which stemmed from the black community. The concept of voting is an offered compromise by colonialist powers in order to preserve its original social order rather than actual solutions to its endemic issues. I will not grant my vote to a candidate who lacks advocacy for upfront progressive change; Sanders is the only viable option in that area this round and he will keep my vote.”

On his livestream, the Vermont senator Sanders declared his name will still remain in ongoing ballots despite his campaign suspension. Despite this, it is revolving around mainstream media that Sanders has completely dropped running for president entirely.

Torres finished, “I’m conflicted because this is all pretty much watered down to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I don’t want Biden as president and nor do I want Trump, but I’m likely granting Trump my vote based on his pro Second Amendment stance which I strongly align with.”