Student government makes Snapchat account

This is Student Government's Snapchat username. Photo Credit: Yadira Lopez

By Yadira Lopez ’21

Shortly after winter break, Pritzker’s student government created a Snapchat account in order to communicate better with students, easily answer questions, and take suggestions.

The idea was suggested by Junior Class President Tiana Jackson so that it could be used to advertise events. Brian Moro, President of the Student Body, stated, “We were thinking of a way to advertise spirit days […] and we usually post it on our own individual accounts and just repost it.” Jackson mentioned, “Most of the time, we aren’t able to reach out to a vast amount of the student body. We suggested to the administration if we could send weekly emails, but a lot of students don’t check their emails.”

The account will be used to promote or advertise events organized by the student government, take questions and suggestions, give multiple inputs to the questions brought up, and give updates. Additionally, Jackson explained, “A teacher reached out to ask if they could post information […] so the account is also for any teachers or [people outside of student government] with a good reason [and] has a message [for] the student body.”

Jackson stated, “From junior and senior classes a lot of the feedback is very positive […] they weren’t getting the right information and [this] way it is straight from the source.”

Moro agreed with the idea of creating a Snapchat account. Moro explained, “I was all for it. It was nothing but helpful to us and it was going to facilitate things.” This would make it easier to have all of the students input and advice in one place. Jackson stated, “In all of student government, we don’t have any sophomores or freshmen […] so it is hard to reach out to those grade levels.”

Student government has received some feedback about this new way of communication. Moro said, “[The students] thought it was a good idea because they finally had one place to direct all of their questions to, and not only would I be able to answer them also other [students in student government], so there would be more than one input.” Jackson stated.

Moro mentioned how  Student Government has tried to create a Facebook page and were not allowed. Jackson added on how the administration did not want “student government to be associated with anything negative outside of school.”

Student Government’s Snapchat username is pcpstudentgov, so stay tuned for more updates from Student Government.