Student and staff thoughts on Report Card Pick Up

This is a photo of powerschool the week of report card pick up. Photo Credit: Arlette Carino

By Arlette Carino ‘21

Pritzker students had their second conference on Jan. 25 at Pritzker College Prep. Report Card Pick Up is where students go to their school to check up on how they are doing in the year so far. Mostly, it is to inform the parents about what their child needs to do or is doing.

Pritzker College Prep holds two report card pickups each semester meaning that every year parents attend four conferences. Jazmin Bustamante, a sophomore, stated that “four times a year does give a more supported check in but I still think it should be less than four times a year.”

Report Card Pick Up is important for both the students and the parents to be on the same page on their children’s progress. Sometimes students are not able to fully relay the message given by the teachers and advisors stated Neha Singh, a freshman advisor, and sophomore Chemistry teacher.

Bustamante, who helped out Caroline Schwartz, sophomore advisor and senior AP Psychology teacher,  stated, “As a volunteer, I’d say it went smoothly.” Schwartz had organized her appointments beforehand on a spreadsheet, and this made Bustamante more efficient. She also stated she learned how to better “communicate with both peers, staff members, and parents as a result.”

Some students who can’t make it to Report Card Pick Up do have the opportunity to make an appointment with their advisor the week after it is held. Singh stated that “as long as the student is willing to make an appointment ahead of time I will stay after school.” Singh also stated that although their advisory participation grade may drop a little bit what matters is that both the parents and students fully understand where their child is at academically.

Singh also stated that she believes the goal of Report Card Pick Up is to not only “look at the demerits, detentions, and grades.” She says the goal is to address any confusions or questions the student or parent might have. This meeting also  helps to build a strong relationship with the student and family. It is also a way to tell a student what they need to do to challenge themselves. Bustamante stated that parents should go with their child to Report Card Pick Up because “a bond is created between all people, especially the teacher.” She also stated connecting with teachers is a great opportunity to connect with the community around their child.

Even if that teacher is not your advisor, parents can still go to any of their child’s teachers and ask the teacher questions. Every helper should have a list of where everyone in the school is and their profession.

To be ahead of most people, if all the student’s fees are paid, they can go to Pritzker as early as 2:00-2:30 p.m. Students received a blue sheet in advisory to show if they are eligible to arrive early for Report Card Pick Up. After 2:30 p.m., any students can go, but if fees are not paid they must go to the main office and get a receipt. Students will not be let upstairs if they do not have a receipt. The line most of the time leads into the gymnasium. Most Report Card Pickups are held on Fridays when there is no school.