Struggles of online classes

Struggles of online classes

The world is in a state of a global pandemic, some are following rules and staying home, while others are treating the pandemic as a small problem. But, there is another problem, online classes.

My main focus will be online classes and a bit of the virus. I think ever since the virus started, there has been a struggle to keep up with online classes already. Now, maybe I will be speaking for some people and for some, it is hard to stay consistent, lots of distractions, and some can not seem to get the work done as before. It is fairly similar to the situation I am right now. Now maybe I am not the only one in this situation, maybe it is my own problem, which I agree, it is, but there is always something about going to class, which makes things feel easier. 

It was announced that school was closed for the rest of the academic year. It came as a surprise for a few seconds but this was expected as we are in a worldwide pandemic and the U.S. received the biggest hit. Now we are tasked to have to settle in our homes and find a way to complete our classes at home while also figuring out ways of learning as we like. 

Online classes have their advantages and disadvantages. Maybe some are good at managing their time on their own, some are better at that during class possibly. Some drawbacks of online classes are no face to face interactions. Sadly though, I or others may prefer the old school of a face to face conversation that felt far more helpful. 

I feel that the important part of going to school is seeing everyone else and knowing they also have a goal they want to achieve, and I’d say there is just a small form of motivation in that since we ourselves have a goal. 

Obviously though, as a senior, we should already know that we have to get prepared for college and that we should still know there’s a good part of online classes. It’s going to teach many of us how to manage my time better, how to stay consistent, and we’ll do better off on our own in the future. There are goods and negatives on what is doing right now. Sadly, for us seniors we also know we won’t get our formal graduation or goodbye. Students need to make the best of what we have right now, and hope for the best.

Overall, we also know there really is no other option because of the virus spreading around quickly, and really the only thing we can do is follow guidelines. Everyday people who go to work, our teachers who help us learn also need to adapt to this new system until the virus goes away, and it is not easy. The best we can do is improve and finish the year strong.