Stroud Class Changing Columbus Day

Stroud Class Changing Columbus Day

By Christian Sosa ’20

Torey Stroud,U.S. History teacher, and his class are taking part in an ongoing process of changing Columbus day to Native Americans day in the U.S.A as a sign of respect towards the Native Americans and towards history.

Columbus day shouldn’t be celebrated because Columbus day’s history, according to Stroud, is “one of murder, rape, and taking something that doesn’t belong to you by force” which he,  and many other people, may believe.

Columbus is credited with the discovery of what is now the United States of America. In reality, America was originally discovered by a  viking called Leif Eriksson half a millennium earlier than when Columbus “discovered” America.

“The people that were done wrong, the Native Americans, this is a small step to repairing that relationship” is what  Stroud said in regards to why he believes it’s significant to change Columbus day to Native Americans day.

When asked why Stroud and his class are taking part in this activity, Stroud stated,                                “I remember how surprised I was when I first learned about the real story of Christopher Columbus, and I wanted to share that truth with my students.”

When asked why it is important to change columbus day to Native Americans day, Stroud said, “It shows respect to a community that has been disrespected and continues to be disrespected for so long.”  

The reason behind why may other places in the U.S (including Chicago, soon enough) are changing Columbus Day to Native Americans day is to raise awareness about the inhumane treatment, contrary to what history books let on, of Native Americans at the hands of European settlers who killed, raped, enslaved, and displaced hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.  

Columbus day is pretty much the celebration of the day when a man who thought he landed on India actually fell upon a new continent. Despite the fact that the territory was already inhabited.

Columbus may have initially recorded the discovery of America and The Bahamas, but in order to do so, he killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of native americans in what can only be described as an act of genocide.

Not only did Columbus kill, pillage, displace, sell women, and enslave but he also brought SmallPox, Measles, The Flu, Bubonic Plague, Diphtheria, Typhus, Cholera, Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox, Yellow Fever, and Whooping Cough, all of which decimated the populations of Native americans in the Americas and in the Caribbean/Bahamas.

After bringing all of this information into account, it could be safe to say that Columbus day shouldn’t be celebrated, and should be changed to Native Americans day as an act of honor towards the Native community for having to put up with Christopher Columbus.