Strict welfare work requirement

By Zayalize Garcia

        One day my aunt’s husband came in from a long day of work. He was slamming doors and stomping around the house. You could hear him muttering cross words. He was growling and glaring into the air.  The next day when I went to visit them, I found out that he was laid off from his job. This is where I first heard about welfare. In their conversation they said they needed to apply for the LINK card to help them out. I thought, What is welfare? Why does receiving it help?

       Later on the same day when I was at home I ask my dad what welfare was and he explained. That night i thought Welfare gives you the capability to afford food: That’s why it’s so helpful. So then what type of welfare are my relatives going receive? As time passed I understood that the welfare they received gave them the basic needs.

    Since 1930’s, welfare has been given to families by the state from the government as federal funds. However, there are work requirements needed for welfare. It is important to have requirements- so that people won’t take advantage of the program as they should not be allowed to get free money without earning it- However there should not be work requirements to get basic welfare. “About 39% of households had income low enough to receive the maximum benefit” stated SNAP.  Yet these households won’t get the benefits they deserve because work requirements are strict and hard to appease.

    Also, there are restrictions and requirements on how long people on welfare can stay unemployed before they no longer have access to it or their access is limited to certain foods. However, this requirement can be waived in some circumstances. But work availability might not be able to happen as they might not get a job even if they are looking. “In the United States, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.” explained Tradingeconomics. Work requirements give people a disadvantage because if you are struggling, then you should still be allowed to get basic welfare.             

       As  the Unemployment rate in the US was recently recorded to be 5 percent in November of 2015 show that finding work is not easy. Also contributing to making it harder to find work are Recession which is “A significant decline in activity across the economy” stated Investopedia. Investopedia also explains that recession can affect and be seen in  employment rates  and real income percentages.

    That’s why there should be no work requirements, so people like my aunt who are struggling to find work can still receive the basic welfare needed.