Stress? What’s that?

Stress? What’s that?

By Brandon Valladares ’18

“Crap! I haven’t started my lit project. It’s due tomorrow and I still have to study for my math test. I am so stressed out.” I think we could relate to this at one point in our high school year.

Dealing with stress and feeling like there is no way out is a horrible feeling. We therefore feel pressured from all the work that is given to us because we want to succeed but with little time.  It’s not only because of school work, it can be about family problems, not being happy with your job, moving homes, etc.

Multiple perspectives were asked about how people stress themselves and how they overcome it. Lisbeth Valentin, a senior, stated “I am always stressed for many reasons. I think as a senior we put a lot of stress on ourselves because we want to graduate on time and not have to do summer school. One way that I overcome stress is I breathe in and out for a few minutes in order to not have a mental breakdown. Yes, there have been multiple times that I have reached a breaking point because I stress out a lot and end up crying. (pero luego se me pasa) Once I end up crying, I tend to gather myself up and have to breathe in order to continue doing my best.” Another senior,  Lorenzo Mendiola said, “ I’ve been stressed dealing with any multiple problems coming at me at once. You overcome stress by managing your emotions and relaxing. Personally, I predict that in the coming months I am going to be stressed out based on my job since I’m next in line to be a PIC(Person in charge) of a Jimmy John’s store and managing a lot of it can become stressful. With the addition of schoolwork, like completing the senior project and passing all my classes, it is going to be hard to manage my time, but I won’t give up.”

How do we cope with stress?

Valentin stated, “Some ways that you can reduce stress is by working out, reading a book, or listening to music. This will totally help you clear your mind and be stress-free.” Mendiola replied by saying, “To be stress-free do things that make you relax or that you really enjoy. For example, go work out in the gym, play your favorite sport with some friends or meditate to not be so stressful. In any case where you can’t control stress, talk to someone you trust. Whenever I feel like there is too much going on in my life, I would talk to my mom about how I could manage my time so I won’t be so stressed out.”

There are different ways to relieve stress, but in order to cope with stress, you have to make the change. When you have personal problems at school or home it is best advised to use the methods of stress relieving.  

To wrap it all up, just find the best method that suits you to reduce stress and you will find happiness. You will notice the difference in your life and will no longer feel anxiety or pressured by something.