Stosberg hikes the Pacific Crest Trail

Stosberg enjoying the view at the Pacific Crest trail

By Jonathan Rosales ’19

Summer break has come to an end for both teachers and students. Most likely, mostly everyone didn’t do anything during summer break, but that doesn’t mean no one did something interesting during the  break. Phillip Stosberg in fact found himself very busy. During his summer he hiked the Pacific Crest trail.

The Pacific Crest trail spans from Mexico to Canada. The distance for the whole trail is 2,650 miles, and Stosberg has hiked approximately 500 of those miles. The summer he hiked exactly 210 of those miles, as he stated, “To hike the whole trail it normally takes around five months and you also have to resupply during the trip.” He also mentioned he “hiked another 40 miles out of the trail to side trails to check out lakes.”

During journeys everyone encounters challenges and obstacles and so did Stosberg during his adventure, “I did came across a problem. During epic journeys like this one, people face many potential challenges and obstacles.” Stosberg, for example, encountered a serious problem with human waste on the trail. He also believes that this problem will just get worse because mountain climbing is getting popular over the years. As Stosberg claimed, “Any wilderness area that is popular is subject to the problems that come with not having toilets and modern ways of dealing with human waste. Many hikers don’t take enough time to dig a proper cathole in the ground, and some really inconsiderate people don’t dig a hole at all. That’s just gross! We need to take care of our fresh water, and properly burying human waste by using a trowel to dig at least six inches deep and then disposing of toilet paper by packing it out is the best way to do that.”

Everyone does something for a reason and Stosberg’s reasons to hike the Pacific Crest trail was, “ I wanted to escape the madness and commotion of city life. It’s nice to be in areas that are pristine still. I like being in peaceful areas, being with animals, and seeing mountains.”

Stosberg also mentioned  that he climbed huge mountains, “ I climbed a mountain and looked down to a lake. Climbing the mountain was fun, challenging, and when you get to the top of the mountain, you get to see the world at a much higher spot.” He was asked what were his thoughts when looking at those views when on top of a mountain. He stated, “ When I saw the view on top of a mountain I said to myself ‘ I would not like to be anywhere else.’”

Stosberg was also asked if he had any company during his hike. He stated, “ I hiked the trail with Ms. Austin.” Later on he was asked how they planned the hike together and it all started in the teacher’s lounge. Stosberg was talking about hiking a section of the trail in the southern part of Oregon across the border into Northern California when Ms. Austin expressed interest in joining him.”

It can be inferred that Stosberg had a fun and challenging adventure. Hiking over 200 miles, climbing mountains, and enjoying nature. Stosberg appreciates having these type of adventures. He mentioned that he had more adventures like this “I have been doing this for years”. He could be planning for more trips like this next summer break.