Stepping into Captain territory

Here is a picture of the Girls' Jv Soccer team against Mansueto. Throw in by Monserrat Leon. (Picture Credits: Citlali Sanchez.)

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

They are an amazing duo,   they are like peanut butter and jelly. Both girls are upperclassmen and are new to the captain territory. One of the girls is junior, Monserrat Leon and the other is senior, Oralia Olascoaga.

Leon said that she started playing in fifth grade, in her school’s soccer team. On the other hand, Olascoaga started playing soccer a little more recent. She started to play during her sophomore year.

Leon is a middle and forward. A forward mainly plays offense and a  middle is responsible for offence and defense. Olascoaga is a goalkeeper. She takes care of the goal and is the one player that gets to use her hands inside the goalie box. This is their first year being captains.

“I feel pretty excited,” said Olascoaga, “ it is my first year being captain.” Both captains shared the same feeling. Leon seen this role a little different than Olascoaga. “I feel kind of [fee] pressured,” stated Leon. She added that she was proud of herself and that she never thought that she would be captain. She said that she loves the support she gets from her teammates. Leon believes that her teammates chose her as a captain because she “brings good vibes.” “My leadership skills come in handy,” informed Olascoaga. Griselda Jimenez, a junior, who is a of both captains is also happy for them. She said “I am happy for them, I actually voted for them.” Jimenez, who has been on the team for two years now has seen both, Olascoaga and Leon’s growth throughout the years. “I voted for them because [Leon] took the time and is a great forward,” claimed Jimenez. She said something similar to that for Olascoaga. “She is a great goalie and I think she deserved it because she works hard.” Another teammate, Jennifer Gonzales, also a junior said that she believes the captain are doing “decent.” She said that they know what they are doing and how to motivate everyone in the team. Gonzales also mentioned that Olascoaga and Leon take their responsibility as captains very, very serious. She said that especially Leon, which is surprising to many due to her personality and how goofy she can be.

All four girls informed that the season is going extremely great. Another thing that the girls pointed out was that although they barely know each other, they are still getting along and playing well together. They claim that they need to work on communicating better and actually applying everything they do in practice on the games.

Olascoaga stated that she will try to organize the girls better in games and practise harder to improve and keep winning.