Starved Rock: Is the weather a big issue?

Starved Rock: Is the weather a big issue?

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

The Starved Rock Trip is an annual free trip that all grades can attend. Even though students have to wake up early and hike for many hours, they have a chance to explore the outdoors. Students also  get to see frozen waterfalls and other outdoor sceneries.

Many students that went last year explained that this year was very different compared to the previous year. One change was the difference in weather. Students that attended both years said that they preferred last year. Others explained they enjoyed this year’s trip more.

During the trip students get to know other students they have not spoken to. Students get split up into small groups with chaparons, some of which are Pritzker teachers or volunteers that like attending to the trip.

Libni Luna, a freshmen, attended the trip for the first time and she explained that she enjoyed the trip because it was fun.

Ashley Medina, a junior, emphasized that something she did not enjoy about this year’s trip was the weather.

The weather this year was a big issue for the students. As Luna explained, “Something I didn’t enjoy was how slippery and cold it was.” Similarly, Medina said that she didn’t enjoy the trip because of the ice on trails. Stephone Mitchell, a junior, said, “I didn’t enjoy the icy, dangerous trails.”

Despite the weather conditions, there was always a view or event students loved during the trip. Mitchell explained that his favorite part was to be able to see the eagles.

Luna stated, “The highlight of the trip would be the frozen waterfalls. Everyone was so amazed by them and they were pretty cool to look at.”

Medina enjoyed how everyone was taking care of one another so they would not fall.

Overall, the trip had its ups and downs, but at the end of the day there was something every student admired from the trip: the waterfalls, the view, the food, or the animals that they were able to see. Regardless there was a highlight for the trip.

Mitchell stated, “I plan to go next year if the paths roads are not too icy.” Similarly, Luna also explained that she will attend the trip once again if she gets a chance too.

Although the weather affected students’ enjoyment. The trip’s environment was different from the city.  Therefore, the very rare and amazing views seen made students’ days. Students are still planning to go next year to have a good time. Hopefully for the years coming the weather is more enjoyable for the students’ accommodation. Students can come to have an experience and views that are amazing.