Star Wars The Clone Wars is near its end

Star Wars The Clone Wars is near its end

By Iker Gomez ‘20

An epic franchise and an epic cartoon show is coming to an end and it’s known as Star Wars The Clone Wars. 

Now, I hope there are some Star Wars fans in Pritzker because this show is easily one of my favorites. I am writing this because tomorrow, known as “Star Wars Day”, which is probably celebrated by even more die hard fans which I am not, is the day this beloved show comes to an end. And what can I say, The Clone Wars, which is so good, is sadly ending. 

I will be dedicating this writing only to the final season, which is Season 7. It’s the most recent and also probably the most noticeable to any new eyes of Star Wars. Season 7 sure has its ups and downs but whenever something is near the end, it is usually good. 

The season begins with the literal meaning of “The Clone Wars” and the first three episodes were decent. It explored the war side of the series and it was enjoyable to watch as we got to see the main characters and some new characters who were also interesting to watch. So, easily, it was a good way to start off the final season of a series that has spanned for over a decade. 

But then it switches over to four new episodes that weren’t quite enjoyable and at some points quite boring. The good part is that it focuses on one main character but then there are two other characters that aren’t as enjoyable to watch and from YouTube clips if you just want to search for a certain part and not the entire episode, the comments were not as nice to the new two characters introduced in this four-episode span. 

The four-episode span was another problem. It’s too long for a finale with only twelve episodes in it. And it was not as enjoyable. But it was to build up the story of one of the main characters for the near end. I would say that I still thought it was nice to add these episodes, but it would have been better if it was toned down to maybe two or three episodes. 

And now for the final remaining episodes which I think were the best episodes of the entire show. It begins with an epic siege and returns an iconic villain and the infamous Order 66 shown in movies, video games, and shows.  And once again with YouTube clips, lots of fans enjoyed these final few episodes and I did too, even my younger brother watched everything with me with my oldest tuning in for these final episodes.  Once again, all of it was epic and very enjoyable to watch. And I had to write about it. 

Sadly, tomorrow the final episode airs and concludes one of the longest shows in Star Wars animation. It is very sad though, and knowing that it’s the end is fairly sad. But it was able to shed some good light on a franchise that fans have been disappointed in because of the movies. The Clone Wars is an awesome show worth watching. 

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