“Star”: If you like “Empire”, you are going to love this!

TV show "Star" Photo credit: Esmeralda Arroyo

By Esmeralda Arroyo ’17

From the creators of  “Empire” brought the amazing tv series, “Star” . If you like reality, drama, music and enjoy watching  the series “Empire”, “Star” is the perfect series for you.

The series is about three girls, Star played by Jude Demorest, Alexandra played by Ryan Destiny, and Simone played by Brittany O’Grady, who go to Atlanta to pursue their dream of becoming a music super stars and find the person closest to family, Carlotta played by Queen Latifah.

The first episode alone shows conflicts faced in the real world. Star and Simon are sisters that were forced to live in separate foster homes for years. Star goes to unite with Simon only to find her being sexually abused by her foster father.  Can it be more real then that? Not if you ask me. Throughout other episodes, there are other conflicts are addressed, like alcohol and drug abuse, murder, LGBTQ, physical abuse, etc but you will have to watch the show to find out how each play a key role.

“Star” also has so much drama that will make sure you are eager to watch the next episode. After Star sees Simon being abused, Star stabs her Simon’s step father in the back and flees to Atlanta. Like all the episodes, there is a cliff hanger. While Star and Simon think they are safe, Simons’ step father is still alive.

Similar to “Empire”, “Star” expresses the love for music. Throughout the entire season there is at least one song that the girl group sings. In the first episode, “Pilot”, Carlotta sings a song for her church, Star sings I “Bring me”, and the end of the show ends with the girl group’s first gig singing “I can be”. The great songs in the episodes will have you adding them to your playlist.

Being compared to “Empire” has given “Star” some critics. Robert Bianca states in his review “Like Empire, Star is a mess of the first order. It’s just a far less entertaining one[…]What it lacks is Empire’s flair, and a set of characters capable of capturing our attention and affection.” I completely disagree. When I watch “Star”, I think it’s just as good as “Empire”. They both keep me watching the show, have drama in each episode to keep me intrigued, and had me singing along to the songs. As soon as you watch the first episode, you won’t be able to wait for the next episode. There is endless reality, drama, and amazing music.

  • Airs every Wednesday 9/8pm c on Fox
  • Currently one season with 10 episodes and counting
  • Season Premiere aired on December 14, 2016