Stan’s Donuts beat Homer Simpson’s favorite donuts

Stan’s Donuts beat Homer Simpson’s favorite donuts

By Jennifer Delgado ’17

If the only type of donut you’ve been eating for the past few years is from basic, local bakeries or the global doughnut company and coffeehouse chain, then you’ve been making weak decisions. Stan’s Donuts is a great place to enjoy the urban scenery and various unique donut flavors.

From the moment you walk up those inclined, cement steps, you feel as if you’re walking towards the gates of donut heaven. The scent of steaming coffee and recently-out-of-the-oven fruity donuts invaded my nostrils and left me in a heart-eyed emoji phase. The white textiles with small, pink flowers located in the middle, the navy walls, and the long, shiny wood tables give a sense of calmness to an urban, hectic setting: Wicker Park. Wicker Park is seemingly close to Pritzker, about three miles. This Chicago neighborhood is known to be a hip hangout place, other than downtown, for people of all ages. The Six Corners, the intersection of Cicero Avenue, Irving Park Road, and Milwaukee Avenue, holds busy streets with high-end shopping stores, famous food houses, and vintage bookstores. Transportation to and from these places is located next to Stan’s Donuts—the Blue Line Damen stop. It is rare that Stan’s is ever empty. There are few seats to enjoy a well-prepared donut and with the amount of people coming in and out of the heaven gates, one can always eat and walk around the mini New York City-like neighborhood of Wicker Park.

Aside from having the most basic donuts ever, such as glazed old fashioned and chocolate old fashioned (hence the term old fashioned), Stan’s Donuts also has exotic donuts such as peanut butter pocket and blueberry cheese danish. The peanut butter pocket is dough filled with peanut butter and glazed, while the blueberry cheese danish is glazed dough with a hole made in the middle filled with blueberry and cream cheese. My personal favorite and favorite among others,  under the category of Dough Boy’s Best on the menu, is the Nutella pocket. My obsession with Nutella demanded I buy it. When the attendant handed me my donut, I could feel the crispness of the dough through the peachy, pink bag it came in. Every time I took a bite out of it, there was plenty of rich Nutella oozing out through the sides. Every bite was satisfying; I was never disappointed, and my goal for every visit is to try a new donut since the dozens of donuts through the showcase make my taste buds breakdance. Not only do they have donuts, they also have gelato, tea, coffee, and cake.

Although some may say the donuts are overpriced, $1.75 each for the standards, $2.50 each for specialties, and $3.25 each for Dough Boy’s Best, a buck or two more, compared to a basic sugar donut from your local bakery, isn’t much for the work the bakers do. Imagine the carefulness one has to do to fill dough with the right amount of Nutella without under or overdoing it, the patience to smooth out the cream on the donuts, and making sure the donuts aren’t taken out of the oven too early or too late. A worker could be having a bad day, but showing up to work to have patience and carefulness, including being genuine to the customers, takes a ton of courage. Whenever you have pocket change, head over to Stan’s Donuts and buy the oddest flavored donut you see, and I’m sure you’ll love it despite its price. There’s no dumb reason why other customers pay that much for a donut.

Stan’s Donuts was originally founded in 1963 in West Village, Los Angeles, California. The founder, Stan Berman, partnered with Rich Labriola, president of the Labriola Baking Company located in Chicago, to bring the donut shop to the Midwest. Stan’s Donuts now has two Chicago locations. One is located in Wicker Park, next to the blue line station on Damen. The second is located in Streeterville.

  • Price ranging from $1.75 to $38
  • Contact information:
  • Instagram: @stansdonutschicago

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