Standardized tests are the best

Miguel Diaz ’17 and Michelle Perez ’17

Testing is what most schools talk about throughout the school year. This causes students to have stressful moments in and out of school. However, we will do well to remember that tests do have a purpose and benefits for everyone involved.

Tests, such as the SAT and ACT, are given out every year to students nationwide. These specific exams will  help determine what colleges students can get into. According to, “Stricter standards and increased testing are better preparing school students for college.” Although research finds these exams to add a lot of stress on students, they eventually help students in the long run to be mentally prepared for college.

Additionally, the testing process is known to eliminate the possibility of cheating since the scantrons are graded by machines. Richard Phelps stated, “Multiple-choice tests, in particular, are graded by machine and therefore are not subject to human subjectivity or bias.” This leads to more accurate results in students’ test scores that colleges and universities will be looking at.   

Standardized tests are an efficient way to determine if students are learning because this way teachers will be able to know what students need help on. Grades alone might not always accurately reflect what students are capable of during school. Standardized testing will show what students understand from what they’ve learned during school hours.

Standardized testing is the fastest and most efficient way to know the academic achievements of a student. Students only take these tests every once in awhile, which is why they shouldn’t really mind these tests. If students  manage their time and not worry about the test, they can increase their scores; they just need to focus and remain calm as if they are taking a normal test in class.

Standardized testing also demonstrates whether a school is performing well or not. The teachers are responsible for students knowing the subjects in the test, which is also a reason why students shouldn’t worry about it since they learn testing techniques that will prepare the students for each test they will take. However, if students do not perform well, it can lead to that school being closed.  According to AboutEducation, “This scrutiny can lead to the loss of job[s]and in some cases a school can be closed or taken over by the state.”

Education is important, so there needs to be testing to know what the students are capable of and need to improve on.