Stand Up, Speak Out!

Stand Up, Speak Out!

By Esmeralda Arroyo ’17, Cristian Castillo ’17, and Clarissa Crespo ’17

Stand Up, Speak Out is informally known as “LGBT Club,” but the informal name does not fully represent the club.

The club is led by Nicole Amato, a Classical Literature teacher. The club is open not only to those who are open about being LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning), but also those who support and want to learn more about the LGBT community. It is a club for everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed.

SUSO has many positive attitudes. The club members are very trusting of one another. They follow the norm, “what’s said in the circle stays in the circle.”

According to Jasmine Garcia, a senior member of the club, SUSO “is a safe place for anybody to express how they feel.” This club helps teens be more comfortable with themselves in their environment. The club is known to not being based on sexuality.

The members of the club have goals they would like to accomplish. “One of our goals is to make [Pritzker] somewhere where people can trust and express themselves to others,” said Jocelyn Vazquez, another senior member.

Another goal is “to find yourself,” said senior club member Fabiola Hernandez.

After a long day’s hard work at school,  members in the club like to come to the club knowing that people will not judge them. The club is a judgement-free zone whose goal is to unite and make all people comfortable.