Spring sports cancelled: update on athletes

Spring sports cancelled: update on athletes

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rise, spring sports are no longer a plan. The 2019-2020 school year has been cancelled and sports were stopped just when athletes were beginning practices. Unfortunately, seniors will not be able to play for their last season or receive senior night. Luckily, for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, they will be given a chance to try again for the next season. 

Athletic director and Physical Education instructor, Mark Rychlik, sent out an email to all athletes with updates over the seasons being cancelled by Illinois High School Association, known as IHSA, and opportunities over the summer, if approved by health officials. 

Sophomore Yaxeny Erazo said, “I was looking forward to my first year of soccer, especially with my friends but mostly because I love the sport and play it outside with my traveling team.” Even though she will not be able to play soccer this season, Erazo was “glad to be able to finish Cheerleading with first place in City and IHSA,” during the winter season. 

Junior Adrienie Cornejo said, “It is sad not being able to play my third year with the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team and not being able to play with my favorite seniors, who will not be able to play their last season.” Cornejo’s passion is playing soccer, and she is always looking forward to the spring and conditioning. 

Junior Anabel Arevalo, participant of Ultimate Frisbee said, “Ultimate was really fun, it is not recognized much but it helps me distract myself besides school and hang with friends.” Junior Angelica Bernabe adds on, “I am not much of a sports person but Ultimate has helped me make new friends and meet the coaches that are not part of Pritzker, getting a different experience.”

Senior Joseph Martinez was looking forward to his first year in Rugby. “I regret not joining the team before, especially being my last year now, but the practices were so fun and extreme, specifically when it was snowing but such a great experience,” stated Martinez. The Boys’ Rugby team had started practices and had their first game in the last week of March.

Junior Angel Bailon said, “It is disappointing not being to continue Track and Field, I really enjoyed running with friends and competing against other schools.” According to Bailon, Track also helped him improve his mile test, which is mandatory to pass in Physical Education, and condition is not only a leg workout but all the body. 

In closing, Martinez believes, “Students should take advantage of the sports provided in school, nothing is wrong trying something new because you actually see the worth of given a sport a try!”