Spring Season Coming

Spring nature in the warmer weather.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

It is that time of the year that students gets excited about. The season that gets closer to summer and much more far away from winter. Yes! You guessed it. I am talking about spring!

Memories can be hard to forget but some can not. Going back to winter, students have some wonderful and miserable memories.

Guadalupe Flores, a sophomore, stated, “I really don’t have a good memory, I do not like winter at all.” Flores really did not have something to remember about winter.

Flores does not worry about having memories of winter because it was the weather that is disliked by many people.

Celeste San Juan, a sophomore, said, “A good memory would be those Saturday mornings when I would wake up, drink hot chocolate, and watch Netflix.”

When perfect weather comes, your feelings are full of joy. San Juan stated, “I’m feeling great I can’t wait to have the sun be out, I love the warmer weather.”

San Juan enjoys the idea that winter is finally ending which means that spring is coming closer and closer in the days where she is able to be warmer.

In winter, not many plans were made with friends or family due to the weather. Now that spring is coming up, people start to make any plans to go out more than he or she usually did before. This means that the weather is getting better.

Flores said that she has more plans that involve going out and enjoying the better weather during spring. Similarly, San Juan said that she does not have plans, but she is expecting to go out more.

People have feelings, plans, and memories in spring but what about spring overall? This excludes how education is going while the students wait for spring break.

Flores mentioned that she is hoping for the exciting weather of spring to have the opportunity of going out without having the to come across a front porch full of snow. She wants to get hold of the dry cement that people like to walk in.

However, San Juan wants to be able to enjoy going outside with her family. She wants to avoid going back to the coldsnow.

The thing she wants is to just value the warm weather that just has arrived. This means that she would stop wearing all of those layers to prevent the cold from touching our warm skin. Everyone wants to get hold of those comfortable and light clothes that do not bother us in any way.

Spring is satisfying as a quote once said, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.” Basically, if there was not any of the cold weather, then the days would be to our pleasure.