Spring break in Florida!

By Alexis Arroyo ’21

Spring break is the time of year when the weather is warm and people start to travel.

Alexa Guereca, a sophomore, has spent her spring break all over  Florida: from Clearwater Beach to Orlando, and Tampa in between with her family.

Guereca stated that her family had chosen Florida as their spring break trip “because my family and I always go there.” She has been there 5 times now (from what she remembers). Florida is considered a go-to travel location since “we are owners and are a part of the hotel, so we always have a room available for us,” Guereca had continued on. Guereca stated, “Traveling is normal for us”. 

Earlier in the year, Guereca and her family traveled to Wisconsin; Michigan; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Miami, Florida all in the month of March. 

Getting to Florida is tricky since Guereca and her family “travel by car [and it takes] 18 hours”. Florida has many activities and attractions to take pictures at. Guereca explained what her family did while in Florida: “We also played lots of sports like tennis, soccer, and fishing. We went on little boats that were shaped like Swans.” The Family had also gone to Orlando to visit theme parks like Disneyland since it is a “family favorite.”

Guereca states, “One of my favorite activities while in Florida was visiting Clearwater Beach in Tampa, Florida. [We] were taking pictures with [my] family, [and] spent time with my uncle and cousin.”

Florida is known for having hot weather, so the best way the Guereca family had cooled down was by being at pools for most of  the day. “Just being at the pool was a good way to get a tan and also have fun with the family. Seeing Beba, my little sister, trying to swim was funny,” Guereca stated. 

Every activity was done within a week. Arriving Saturday the 13th and departing Friday the 19th was enough time to do all they wanted during the vacation.

On the way back, Guereca and her family passed by a river and stopped for a while. During the stop, the family took a swim and rested for the long trip ahead. Guereca continued to say what happened on their way back home: “On the way back, the ride was more than 18 hours. It was exhausting going in the car. But after all the trip, [it] was wonderful with my family.”