Spotlight: Yesenia Godoy’s goals throughout high school and beyond

A freshman, Yesenia in her Pritzker uniform.

By Crystal Barrera ’20

A new school year calls for new opportunities. A fresh start of grades, and to most, a boost of motivation built up throughout the summer. Freshman Yesenia Godoy started her first day of high school just a few weeks ago. Let us take a look at her goals throughout the next couple of years.

“I thought it was going to be more fun but it is hard” Godoy said about coming to Pritzker. Godoy did not expect all of the workload she so far has received. So far, Godoy has straight A’s in her four weeks in high school, and she is really proud of accomplishing this.

Godoy’s main goals during high school are to join cheerleading and become successful in that sport. Godoy said, “I want to join Cheerleading because in my school where I was at, there was no such [sport] as [cheerleading]. They would have sports but that’s it, and I really wanted to try something new.” Other than sports, Godoy wants to study a lot to get a high score on her SAT and get into DePaul University. Also, Godoy wants to achieve straight A’s, no demerits, no LaSalles, or no detentions, and overall be successful throughout high school. 

Godoy is looking forward to joining a club during junior year, so that it is a year to remember.

Even though she is just in her first couple of weeks into high school, Godoy looks forward to her junior year. 

 “I want to be a psychologist, and I want to join puppy rescue ” Godoy said. To better prepare herself, Godoy is planning to do community service around those two areas. “I have this special spot for every kind of animal and I don’t like seeing them suffer, so joining a pet rescue would be a hobby I would love because I’m helping out in [our] society.”

After college, Godoy is planning to go away to explore different parts of the world and use it as an opportunity to become more independent without her parents being strict on her.

As mentioned above, Godoy has a lot of goals in her next couple of years, which will require a lot of hard work and dedication. How she plans to manage her time is a whole different topic. Godoy might go through failure before succeeding and finding out what works best to manage her time. 

Time management skills that she will build up throughout her four years here at Pritzker may also be beneficial to her future possible jobs mentioned above.  

Thinking ahead, Godoy has her main goals set into place and she knows what specific activities she wants to be involved in. They will set her up for success, since she has a rough plan on what she wants to do.