Spotlight: Spectacular game season for Jaylen Suarez

By Elizabeth Maldonado ’22

Jaylen Suarez, a sophomore, that plays in the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team pushes himself to do better when it comes to playing, not only does he do it for himself, but he also does it for his teammates.

Suarez said, “In games, I could do way better by not forcing a shot and driving to the basket more,” he added, “but besides that, I think that I have been playing pretty well.” 

He added on why he thinks he could be doing better, “I could do better though if I push myself to be my best along with coach Riggs.” 

Not only does Suarez care about himself becoming better at playing basketball, but he also cares about his teammates, and he wants to be able to help his teammates whenever they need his help. 

Being on the team and having homework after school has become like a routine to Suarez. He explained how he decides to manage his school time and being on the team at the same time, “Before and after practice I do my homework or study if I need to because we usually have basketball practice from 5:30 p.m. through 7 p.m,” Suarez added, “but besides that, it is not hard at all because it has become a routine to me.” 

Even though Suarez has games and basketball practice after school, he still manages to focus on school at the same time. Being on the team does not stop him from doing good in his classes.

Suarez said that not only does he play basketball, but he mentioned that he also has played baseball and football, “I played football freshmen year as well as baseball, but this year I am not going to be playing football in school. I am only going to be focusing on basketball and baseball.”

“I have been playing basketball since I was four, but I then started to take it more seriously by the age of 10 and so on,” mentioned Suarez.

Suarez stated that he is planning on joining the basketball team next year again, “because I feel like I can contribute a lot more in the team now that I will be a junior next year, I will probably know more by then and that way I can also help my team out more than before.” 

Suarez mentioned that his reason for joining the basketball team is because he has a passion for it. He stated, “I love playing the game and I want to be able to continue playing it when I go to college.”