Spotlight: Sahara Cortez

By Kayla LaSalle ’21

Known for her “powerful” hand and “wowing” comebacks. Opponents have complimented her on her “wild” serves. She comes with years of experience and tons of improvement.

Why play Volleyball?

Freshman Sahara Cortez came into high school prepared to take Pritzker volleyball head-on. Cortez stated, “I already knew that I wanted to join the volleyball team. I heard that Pritzker’s volleyball team was competitive which caught my attention.”

“Before entering high school,” Cortez stated, “I was on my elementary school’s volleyball team from 6th to 8th grade.” In addition, Cortez “also enjoyed playing volleyball in [her] free time although I do not play any sports outside of school.”

Stability and Focus

Before continuing with volleyball, Cortez wanted to be sure that she was on track with everything “especially [her] grades.” Cortez wanted to be able to make volleyball one of her priorities but she knew she had to keep her grades as a priority first. When she figured out a way to keep her grade stable, she continued to play volleyball with her new team: the Jaguar ladies.

Behind the scenes

When Cortez was accepted onto the team, she was placed on “Swing.” Swing is the part of the team that plays for both JV and Varsity. Cortez was placed in nearly all volleyball games. She found that “being able to play with JV and Varsity was such an amazing experience.” 

What about the future?

Cortez stated that she plans on playing Volleyball for the rest of her high school years and so on. She stated, “I am looking forward to joining Pritzker’s Girls Volleyball team for the next three years.

Support and Shoutouts

While being on the team, Cortez was supported by her teammates and coaches, as well as the managers. She stated she was also supported by her old friends and her family. Cortez found that all the love and support she received encouraged her to do better. With people on the sideline and bleachers screaming: “Go Sahara!!” Cortez feels that she filled with excitement. She added that she was always motivated because people would praise her for the powerful serves that kept her on a role. Cortez has even been praised by opponents when handshakes close off games.