Spotlight: Ms. Cassidy

The cross country team at their last meet after winning the championship. Photo credit: Adan Montanez

By Ismael Sanchez ’17

“My sport is your team’s punishment.” This is one quote  the cross country team use to share their love for the sport. Ms. Cassidy, who is in love with running and is one of the coaches for the cross country team, says that her love for running will never end.

Cassidy  joined track and cross country in high school. She wanted everyone to know the importance of knowing the differences between track and cross country. She  explained, “track is in the spring and is the following: quarter mile, 800 meters, and relay races. Whereas cross country is outdoor, in the fall, which involves hills, rocks, and dirt.” She argued that many believe that they are the same because they are not able to identify the differences.

As the captain of her track and cross country teams, Cassidy had many responsibilities.  She professed that she is able to relate to the Noble student lifestyle because she was an all year round athlete having cross country in the fall, and track in the spring. She  would go straight to the library after every running meet to finish as much as homework as she could before the library home. Cassidy would usually arrive around nine p.m. She said she understands how hard it is, but she explained, “Having this passion for running has helped relieve all my stress.” She wants pritzker students to find something they love to do at pritzker because it will help them cope with stress and give them something to look forward to while attending Pritzker.