Spotlight: Maria Santillan

Spotlight: Maria Santillan


    By Antonio Lopez ’17

If you want to know what it takes to be a very successful student at Pritzker, Junior, Maria Santillan is the perfect example. She is one of the very few students at Pritzker who are able to maintain their grades up and be involved in many school clubs and sports at the same time. She has been involved in Speech, where she has won many awards, and sports like Volleyball and Soccer.

Many students at Pritzker tend to find it hard to stay focused in school and have a happy, normal life outside of school. Santillan has the ability to do both. As she says, “It hasn’t been easy. Fortunately, I’ve always pulled through. Homework is done and, if  I have any meetings with my teachers, I make sure to have them set at a time where it doesn’t cut into my after school activities. I’ve grown to learn more about responsibilities and these clubs are part of the reason why I actually like Pritzker.”

Santillan also has certain motivations outside of school that lead her to her success inside of school. She stated, “I don’t have any family problems, my family is wonderful. My brother is having a baby soon and that’s exciting! My boyfriend also helps a lot, as he is kind, always makes me laugh, and always keep me motivated.”

Santillan’s friends and teachers have also spoke great things about her. One of her friends, Junior, Zyanya Acosta, said the following about her: “She is very determined and hardworking. She always takes her homework seriously and as a volleyball player, she is a tremendous player!” Acosta also said that Santillan represents a perfect example of what being responsible looks like.