Spotlight: David Martinez

David Martinez to the furthest right

By Jennifer Rivera ’17

David Martinez is a junior here at Pritzker College Prep. Martinez is currently taking IB classes and is also involved in the Baseball team this year.

Before entering high school, Martinez wanted to go to Notre Dame because it was a very popular school. Now, he is glad that he decided to come to Pritzker because the money that would have gone to Notre Dame will go towards paying off the future college he decides to attend. He chose Pritzker because, compared to the other high schools that he would have attended, it costs very little. Martinez’s other main reason for coming to Pritzker was because his older brother, 2015 alum Ben Martinez, was already attending Pritzker.

When it comes to sports, Martinez has been involved in the Varsity Baseball team here at Pritzker since freshman year. He is one of the few freshmen who made it to the Varsity team that year. He was able to play his freshman year with his brother Ben, which happened to be his last year at Pritzker. He mentioned that baseball has been his safety zone in a sense. When he plays, nothing else is on his mind but the game. He describes his experiences as an escape of the real world.

During his free time, he watches Netflix and eats. He really enjoys seeing the individuality of each T.V show he watches. Other than Netflix and eating, he absolutely loves music. He loves to sing along to the songs and just enjoy the music. Martinez stated, “Beyond the music, I really appreciate each artist’s hard work put into creating their music. My top 5 artists are Chance The Rapper, Russ, J. Cole, Logic, and Kendrick Lamar.”

He describes himself as a unique person. He states, “My fake awkward personality makes others awkward, which I love while I am actually a really honest person.” He also describes himself as a hopeless romantic, even though, it might just be high school. Martinez thinks that others see him as an odd human being because he gives off that type of vibe. He also wants people to know that although he may look angry all the time, he is actually a kind and honest individual with great work ethic. He mentioned, “I want people to feel free to introduce themselves to me because I love meeting new people.”

Martinez mentioned that an experience that has shaped him into the man he is today was when his aunt Bonnie died. He remembers all of the awesome, scary stories she used to tell him and his cousins. Her death made him realize as a child that his parents and grandparents were not going to be here forever. Now, he realizes that the moments with his family count because he loves them all dearly.

When asked what he aspires in life, Martinez stated, “A thing that I aspire for my future is a good career and a loving family.”

Senior Yazmine Pena stated, “David is a very sweet guy. He’s always there when you need him. During his freshman year, I remember seeing him on the Varsity Baseball team with my brother.”