Spotlight: Crystal Mastache

Photo credit: Guadalupe Landa Mastache in Adulting 101

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

As the year goes on, new things are coming to Pritzker whether it be clubs, class president, or activities! This year, a new club called Adulting 101 started. It was created by senior Crystal Mastache.

Adulting 101

Mastache created Adulting 101 because she felt “as if Pritzker does not currently help the students become more knowledge[able] about problems [they] will face outside of school such as finances.” 

 Mastache wants others to not feel overwhelmed when they stumble across problems with finances and other things that adults face in the real world.  The purpose of the club is to “help other students become more aware of financial situations and help them learn more about what they would like in a career.”

In the club, Mastache is planning to inform students on how to create a bank account, how to save up money, setting goals, figuring out what job careers they may be interested in, how to cook and eat healthy in college, and how to open up a credit card.


Mastache is also involved in sports, specifically basketball. Mastache has been in Pritzker’s Girls’ Basketball team for the past 3 years. Mastache is hoping to play this year to make it 4 years in a row!

Mastache has played as point guard, forward, and guard but mostly plays in guard. Mastache loves to play basketball because she is “able to become a completely different person, I am able to express myself in a different way. Basketball also helps me release any stress or nervousness.”

Free time

In Mastache’s free time, she likes to “listen to music and draw for fun.” Mastache likes to listen to Niall Horan, a member of One Direction, and  enjoys going to concerts. She has gone to 2 One Direction concerts, 1 Harry Styles concert, and 1 Niall Horan concert.

As for entertainment, Mastache watches The Walking Dead every Sunday Night, and The Flash on Tuesday. Furthermore, Mastache watches The Office. These are all Mustache’s favorite shows. 


After senior year, Mastache is going to college, specifically hoping to go to UIC or Dominican University. Mastache does not care whether she will be far away from home or not because she applied to schools that were in and out of Illinois. 

In the future, Mastache is hoping to become a lawyer; before, Mastache wanted to become a Marine Biologist because she loves sharks, but she changed her mind.