Spotify: A Free Music Experience


By Joe Salgado ’19

Spotify is a free music app with over millions of songs to listen to. Spotify is free with all types of genres of music for everyone to enjoy!

Spotify is very unique than any other music app. When the app is opened, there are five options at the bottom at the screen. There is a home, browse, search, radio, and your library sections. At the home screen, the app shows many different playlist anyone can choose from. Spotify shows music from the most popular to music no one has heard yet. In the browse section, it shows genres of music from hip-hop, to jazz, or even metal. The browse section also can give anyone podcasts to listen to or show concerts around the world. The radio section gives people pre-made playlist of all types of genres, for people who just want to listen to a whole genre. In the “Your library” section, anyone can create their own playlist and even shows the recently played music anyone has listened to.

There are only  a couple of things that aren’t the best about the app itself. First of all, if you are a person who doesn’t have premium, which is the paid version of the app, no  person can skip songs more than four or five times. Also, if anyone is listening to music without premium, there are sometimes ads. Sometimes, these ads are good because they give anyone thirty minutes of ad free music. There is also some good things about the app for premium. Premium has many ways of paying. People can pay per month, pay for a year, etc. And with premium, the person can play music offline, which means no wifi needed. There will be no ads with premium with better sound quality than regular.

Some people might also compare spotify to soundcloud, but these two apps are very different. On Soundcloud,  anyone can post music on there  while on spotify, no can and they only show music from artists. Overall, the app is very useful and probably better than any other app.

  • App price- free
  • Release date- Oct. 7 2008
  • Rating- 4.5
  • Spotify- available on any platform, phone, playstation, computer