Sophomores learn about Summer Of a Lifetime

The SOL panel answering questions about student's experiences. Photo Credit: Kayla Cruz

By Kayla Cruz ’20

On Tuesday Oct. 17, sophomores were given a presentation on the Summer of Lifetime program. The event started off with Ashley McCaw, SOL  coordinator, giving an introduction on the program. From there, McCaw introduced the four junior students who planned the whole celebration: Noel Candelaria, Maria Ramirez, Cristian Ortiz, and Emily Pereznegron.

After the introduction of the four leaders, juniors Valeria Uzcategui and Jonathan Rodriguez were the host of the events. They introduced themselves and mentioned the school they went to. From there, Rodriguez introduced the three SOL participants who shared their experience. Christopher Ticas, SOL presenter, talked about his experience at Boston College. “It was such a great opportunity for me because it made me realize what I want to study in college and what I am looking for in a college,” Ticas said. Ticas also mentioned how grateful he was for this SOL experience and that he “wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

After the presenters gave their presentations on their experience, some of the SOL participants came up and had an open panel where students and parents were encouraged to ask any questions they had. Some common questions that were brought up were the parents’ concern for their children’s safety. Frida Arroyo, SOL participant, explained how the students are “being watched by counselors to help ensure that their student[s] [are] safe.” Adding on to Arroyo’s point, Rodriguez emphasized how there “was a curfew students had to follow.”

Another question that was brought up was if the students had a say on which school they would like to attend. “You actually don’t pick what school you want to go to, but you do have some say in what you want to study,” Candelaria said. Rodriguez added on by saying that the students would be given a personality quiz in which they would choose topics they are curious about. From there, McCaw would choose the program that would best fits the student.

Another topic that was constantly brought up was how much the program cost. “It depends on the program the student is taking and how much they pay for lunch,” Ramirez said. Ramirez also adds on that there are numerous fundraisers where students can help raise money for the program so they won’t have to pay so much. “There would always be someone trying to help the student get into the program because this is an amazing opportunity for the student,” Rodriguez said.

“Overall, we just wanted to inform the parents how amazing this opportunity is for their student and for them to take advantage of it,” Candelaria said. Candelaria also emphasizes how it is important to get the early college experience before the real deal, so the students know what they might want in a college.