Sophomores and their upcoming AP World History exam

An example of the essay portion of the AP World exam. This is from 2011. (Photo credit: Miguel Cordero).

By Miguel Cordero ’21

Sophomores are “celebrating” the fact that they are very close to their AP World History exam.

Not only is this exam a tough one, but it revolves around the history of the world. However, the difference between this and the regular World History class is that it is supposed to act as a college level course. Many sophomores are excited, while many are anxious about this exam, which is supposed to take place on May 16.

George Quinonez had stated, “I think that this exam will show who actually studied and who winged it.” This may be true for many. This class is very rigorous due to its “memorization” one may have to do. This connects to what Jaime Aguilar had to say.

Aguilar explained the pressure that the exam brings to students. Aguilar believes that the pressure may be a leading factor for students “to have stress.” Not only has Aguilar seen the stress on students himself, but he believes that it can be a serious issue. However, Aguilar seems to be fairly “chill” about this upcoming exam.

Lizbeth Robles is a student who puts effort into his AP World History class while succeeding and sometimes falling behind. “This test is going to be a very interesting one because of the amount of stuff on the line” Robles continued on. The “stuff on the line” is the possibility of receiving college credit or not. Therefore, if one was to get a score between three to four, he/she would not have to take the class in college. This is the whole purpose of the class. Robles then added, “I am probably going to be dead during the exam because it is really long.” What Robles meant by “really long” was that the  exam is going to be around four hours. This exam will prove who has the capability to focus and push through in order to succeed.

An exam this big must come with the help of two marvelous teachers: Bryan Williams and Charles Rosentel. These two teachers are the reasons why this course has been very successful in the past. However, this is the last year sophomores will be taking a specific period for the AP class. Not only will this be easier for the upcoming sophomores but it will also make the AP World History exam easier. Since that is quite a long time from now, current sophomores remaining focus on their exam.

All in all, while a few sophomores may be ready for this exam, a few students are worried and a few students just do not seem to care. It all lies on the hands of the test taker.