Sophomore Orientation

By Kayla Cruz ’20

Sophomores attended their first orientation of the upcoming school year on Sept. 5 at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria. The orientation covered student expectations for this upcoming school year and the requirements needed to pass.

Orientation started off by Carrie Spitz, the school principal, introducing herself and talking about the accomplishments that Pritzker has had over the years. Spitz talked about the four core values Pritzker has and how the students should strive to achieve these qualities. After Spitz made her introduction, Chris Biddix, a sophomore Geometry teacher and tenth grade leader, goes on to explain the requirements to become a sophomore and how the orientation will be set up.

The schedule for orientation consisted of parents exploring booths in the gym after they listened to the introduction given by Spitz “This year, we wanted the parents and teachers to have more time to interact meaningfully so that is why the teachers are at specific booths of support so parents can connect about what matters most to them and our students,” Biddix said. Biddix yearns for positive relationships between parents and teachers, which results in interactions. This is the reason why this year parents get to interact with the teachers more and have information to reach out to them for concerns.

“What I am worried about this school year is the my grades because I know people say that sophomore year is easy, but I don’t want to underestimate it,” sophomore Ana Cristina San Juan stated. Adding on, San Juan mentioned that the school year is going well so far and that she hopes it can stay like this a little longer due to unwanted stress.

Adding on to San Juan’s worries on sophomore year, Oswaldo Hernandez is also worried about the workload and “the new expectations sophomores have.” Hernandez hopes this school year will not be so stressful and hopes to enjoy his time being a sophomore. “So far the school year is going good and not so stressful as I anticipated,” Hernandez said.

Jaylene Llamas, a sophomore, is actually ready to take on the school year. “I hear everyone say that sophomore is not that stressful, so I am excited for that,” Llamas said. Llamas plans not to stress so much about the workload this year because she knows everything will play out good in the end. “I hope my sophomore year will be full of amazing memories,”  Llamas said.

Sophomore orientation gave an insight on what is expected for the new sophomores and the requirements they need in order to go to junior year. The orientation gave parents an idea of what is to be expected of their students and to establish a good parent-teacher relationship with one another.