Sophomore and Junior parents get a glimpse of a school day

Parents in a classroom during sophomore and junior parent night. Photo Credit: Abril Pereznegron

By: Aixa Figueroa ’18 and Abril Pereznegron ’18

On  Sept. 16, sophomore and junior parents met with their students’ teachers. Parents went to different classrooms and learned about their children’s education.

Teachers were able to explain the expectations of the students along with their classroom curriculum.

At check-in, parents received their schedules along with some additional information. The parents used the schedule as a guide to where they would go.

Parents had the chance to meet with one teacher per every subject their children have.  Sara Garcia, mother of sophomore Michelle Garcia, stated, “I liked meeting all teachers. […] It’s important to meet the teachers of [my] children.”

The format of how orientation went was set up differently than last year. Parents used to only able to meet some teachers through a lecture. This year parents had seven minutes with every teacher.

Garcia also said that she thought it was an amazing thing to get to meet all teachers because this would lead to better relationships with the teachers.

“I enjoyed having a more personal meeting with the teachers because it created a more individual relationship between us and them,” added Garcia.

Elda Salazar mother of sophomore Nathalie Figueroa stated, “This year  was better [than] last year because this year was more organized.”

Although many parents did not attend orientation night, those who did enjoyed meeting with the teachers.

Salazar said that she finds meeting teachers important because she likes being informed of what  is  going on  in her child’s life.

Parents attended orientation because they “ […] wanted to be informed about what my[their] child[ren] would be learning in school,” as Garcia mentioned.

Getting to know teachers and asking them questions individually according to parents is something that they’ve been looking forward to.

Figueroa stated, “ I felt like I had better access to ask questions[to teachers].”

Figueroa went to orientation because “It is important to know the daily school environment my daughter goes to everyday.”

Cross explained how there is a new support group that takes place before and after school for students who are struggling to pass any of the three of their fitness tests. Students need to complete a total of fifty hours throughout the school year.

Parents also learned how to navigate through PowerSchool. When asked what was the best thing about PowerSchool many parents at once stated knowing their children’s grades. Also, they appreciated knowing if they are keeping up with homework (LaSalle Log) or receiving any demerits.

Throughout the schedule, all parents went to a college presentation. Here parents learned that college acceptance and graduation is the goal for all Pritzker students. To do such things, students are expected to have a 21 or higher on their ACT scores by junior year.  They want all Pritzker students to have and be successful in a career that interests them.