Society’s new norm: Impacts of social media on teenagers

By Jennifer Arroyo ’21

“Wait, let me take a picture, so I can post it!” “Wait this is an awesome picture to post!”

In today’s society, social media catches plenty of attention, mainly from teenagers. Teenagers spend so much time on social media but don’t even realize it.

Recently, Apple’s new feature from the iOS – 12, Screen Time, allows others to monitor their screen time. This feature also allows parents to limit app use on their child’s phone if they wanted to.

Jesus Guerrero, a sophomore,  mentioned that he spends about “6-8 hours on social media on a daily basis.” Guerrero adds,  “I do know [that amount of time] can be a lot, but I feel like once you get into being involved in social media, then you are going to be pretty addicted[to it].”  

Alma Ceron, a sophomore, mentioned that she typically spends about “3-4 hours” on social media a day. Alexa Guereca, a sophomore, also mentioned how she is usually always on social media and “goes on it as soon as [she] comes out [of] school.”

On the other hand, Joanna Bahena, a sophomore, mentions how she spends around “12 hours on social media” because she is always on it in the morning and after school.

With the amount of hours they are spending on social media, Guerrero added that he thinks social media grabs our attention so easily because “[it] is a pretty big thing in our generation because it helps people interact through technology […]” Guereca, who agrees with Guerrero, added on that social media tends to grab our attention because we are so focused on wanting to see what is happening around us.

From listening to other people’s opinions, some believe that social media has both a positive and negative impact on our society. An example that was given for a pro of social media was being able to communicate with people.  Guerrero added on by mentioning that someone can possibly find a job “through work pages and getting [the] essential information you need quicker.”

Even though there are pros to social media, there are also cons. Guereca pointed out that others may use it to cyberbully. Bahena added that social media has a poor impact too because it can “become a distraction.”

Because social media takes so much of our attention, Ceron noted that she thinks it is important for people to take a break from social media.

Guerrero stated that he finds himself putting social media before more important things, such as homework. Guerrero said that “sometimes [he] will check [his] phone and get really distracted [which] affects [him] a lot.”

Unlike Guerrero, Bahena and Ceron said that they do not usually find themselves putting social media before other important things; however, there are times where it can occur.

All of them found that social media has its positives and negatives, but they all agree that there are times where we should take a break because social media takes so much of our time.