Snow and its struggles

Photo Credit: Jennifer Segura Some students are walking home in the snow

By Jennifer Segura ’20

The weather is changing and it has just started snowing. A lot of students have different ways of getting to school: some students take the bus, get dropped off, walk, or even take their bikes to school. Does the snow interfere with their transportation?

Aliyah Sosa, a junior, takes the bus to school even during winter. On the other hand, sophomore Monserrat Muñoz gets dropped off at school. Muñoz said that she gets dropped off by her mom, dad, or she carpools with a friend. Muñoz also said that “it depends on the day and who is available.” Sosa stated, “Snow definitely makes it harder. There’s a lot more traffic.” Sosa also said that ice makes it harder because transportation has to slow down as a precaution. Muñoz said that snow makes it hard to get to school because sometimes her mom, dad, or her friend’s dad can’t take her. Muñoz also said that there is a lot of traffic. Muñoz emphasized that she “can’t wear snow boots because of school shoes.”

Both Sosa and Muñoz emphasized that so far neither of them have slipped or fallen on their way to school.

Snow can make it hard for students to get to school; therefore, many students are late to school. As a result for being late to school, students get issued demerits depending on how late they arrive at school. When asked about being late to school, Sosa explained that she is late most of the time during winter. Differently Muñoz is not really late just that sometimes there is “a lot” of traffic and she is late.

Students believe that the school can help getting to school in the winter much easier. Sosa explained, “I think the school can be more lenient with demerits.” Sosa also emphasized that she “leaves [her] house early enough as it is” and that it would be “great if the school gave less tardy demerits as the weather gets worse.” Muñoz has to wake up earlier to get to school when there is snow. Muñoz explained that the school “should take in consideration that the roads are busy and they should let [students] be a little late.” Muñoz also stated that the school should talk to the student to hear why they were late.

Students arrive at school through different transportations, and they have different opinions about how the school can help make arriving to school in the snow much easier.

Students still manage to arrive to school safely and may or may not arrive on time.

The school reminds parents, through newsletters, to pick up their kids on time as the weather is getting colder. Students can stay for after school activities. If students are not in after school activities, they are required to leave the building.

Despite the snow, students still manage to arrive to school. Although, students may not always be on time.