Smiling Mind or Calm: Which one is better?

The first exercise in a session in Smiling Mind. Photo Credit: Andrea Manon

By Andrea Manon ‘19

There are multiple apps in the internet to practice mindfulness, which means paying careful attention or being aware of things,  and to relax but which ones are better? Between two popular apps, Calm and Smiling Mind, which one works better?


Calm is a functional app that helps you to practice mindfulness, to meditate, and  to deal with stress. Calm is made up of many features that help you relax with different techniques. It has relaxing sounds like pouring rain and  a fireplace, and its peaceful images of nature’s beautiful environments. The app provides you with breathing exercises that help breath calmly and relax your mind and body.

Calm also has its own website in which you can enjoy some of the features its app contains. It provides you with beautiful images of nature and relaxing sounds. Calm also helps users deal with anxiety and depression.

How about Smiling Mind? What does it offer?

Smiling Mind also helps users to practice mindfulness and to reduce stress. The app provides multiple sessions for different ages to practice mindfulness and to learn how to relax and be calm. In order to start a session, the app first asks you how are you feeling in order to help you better. Then, in the first exercise the narrator explains what the exercise will help you with and then it guides you throughout the exercise. In the background, there’s relaxing music you can enjoy during the breathing exercise. When the exercise is done, the narrator gives you a suggestion on how to continue practicing mindfulness.

Overall, both apps are great. They provide different methods to relax and to deal with stress. Which one is best for you?

  • Price for Calm: Free
  • Price for Smiling Mind: Free
  • Available in App Store and Play Store