Smallcakes: Can it be the best cupcakes in Chicago?

Photo credit: Anakaren Bahena

Anakaren Bahena ’17

Have you ever tasted a moist cupcake with delicious toppings? Have you ever seen a room filled in pink colored walls? Smallcakes offers those moist cupcakes and a room painted in pink. Despite the construction occurring because they are expanding, the never-ending cupcake flavors, decorative place, and great service will have you coming back.

Smallcakes has various cupcakes. Each cupcake is covered with frosting and topping like fruit, sprinkles, cookies, and pretzels. Every cupcake has a unique flavor for its topping, name, or frosting. Not only can you eat cupcakes by themselves, you can also enjoy it with a scoop of ice cream. My favorite is Cookies and Cream because of its small bits of Oreos and frosting.

While entering, you will be greeted by a welcoming “Hello” and a smile. Whenever you are unsure you can request for help. Moreover, if you have two different cupcakes the workers will give you their honest opinion on which is cupcake is best.

In the entrance, you will see platters of different cupcakes neatly placed. The menu and decorations are in pink color. The menu has choice from buying one cupcake to one dozen cupcakes. As well the menu includes ice cream, milkshakes, and cupcake shakes. You can even make special orders for a special occasion. Despite the fact parking isn’t offered, you’ll always find parking nearby. It is also very convenient if you would like to visit nearby stores after enjoying a delicious cupcake.

Although, my experience at Smallcakes was great many reviews state the opposite. A review on GrubHub says “Mediocre cupcakes is the best thing I can say.” Although in my opinion, the cupcakes were filled with tons of flavor and very moist.

  • Address: 3054 N Greenview Ave. Chicago, IL
  • Phone number: 773-661-9634
  • Hours: Monday- Wednesday 10 a.m.- 8p.m., Thursday-Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  • Average price: $4 -$10