“Slender Man”: The Overrated horror movie  

A picture of the Slender Man movie ticket Photo Credit: Osvaldo Medina

By Osvaldo Medina ’21

Slender man the movie did not live up to its expectations because the movie had a few plot holes that left me scratching my head. Next, the visuals were amazing, but they revealed way too much. Furthermore, the CGI made it too obvious when the antagonist, Slender Man, was going to show up. Last but not least, the antagonist didn’t seem scary as he is supposed to be in the trailers.

In the Slender Man movie, the viewer follows four protagonists, Wren, Hallie, Chloe, and Katie, who watch a video online with specific detail on summoning the Slender Man. Everyone in the town is aware of the existence of Slender Man, and are also aware of the things that happen if you were to encounter him. Either you are taken away by the creature or if you see him, you are scarred for life and go insane.

The beginning of the movie is pretty straightforward and doesn’t leave anything unexplained. The problem is towards the middle and end of the movie where it might leave viewers confused. One plot hole that the movie contains is about two of the characters in the movie that were abducted by Slender Man. However, the viewer never knows if the characters died or if they were taken away. The next plot hole does not involve our four protagonist but a side character, Tom, that was told by Hallie not to watch the video of summoning Slender Man. However, the next day in class, Hallie notices that Tom’s hand is filled with scratches and is not responsive. That leads the viewer to assume that he did watch the video but after that scene, Tom never shows up again. So that leaves with the question of what happened to Tom. The same thing happens to another character that goes insane, and the same questions pop up again.

Next up is the visuals, there is a lot of things that the producers did well with visuals to make it stand out. However, the visuals also in a way did kill the suspense of the movie. In one scene, our protagonists are in the woods when they encounter Slender Man. Before they are aware of his presence, the viewer gets a shot a particular tree that stands out from the others, which is because of the CGI. The CGI basically spoils that Slender Man is going to show up in that particular tree. Besides the CGI, the visuals were pretty outstanding and breathtaking.

Last but not least, the antagonist, Slender Man, was a plain antagonist. The reason for that is because in certain scenes, he would show up but not do anything. He would stand there menacingly and the characters did not help this fact because they overreacted and would freak out. Not just that, in the movie, Slender Man is able to go into the protagonist phones, which allows them to get a point of view of Slender man. It builds up tension when he enters the house and goes up the stairs, but the idea of him being able to hack their phones sounds absurd and unrealistic.

People may argue that the concept of the movie is interesting. Even though the movie idea is interesting once you experience it, the characters’ acting and the antagonist will most likely ruin the experience.

  • PG-13
  • Genre is horror
  • 1 hour and 31 minutes
  • Directed by Sylvain White