Sims 4: A Virtual Reality Brought to Console

Photo Credit: Chloee Toro Screenshot of Sims 4 Deluxe Party Edition for both PS4 and Xbox One

By Chloee Toro ’18

Sims 4 was released in 2014 for all PC users. For years Sim fans who play on console have been waiting on the release of Sims 4. One magical day, three years later, EA games decided to give it a shot. If you find yourself loving to design homes that you want to build or create a family and watch them grow, then Sims 4 is for you! Come throw yourself into a virtual world of sims where creativity blossoms, life grows, and frustration grows inside you.

One part of The Sims is that if you love to build homes or even design them, then your chance starts here. Sims 4, along with older versions, gives you the chance to place a wall where you want, pick the wallpaper you want, or even design your own rooms. Of course, Sims does give its players who don’t like to build an option to pick a premade room. What sets this apart from other games such as Minecraft would be that you are able to create a family and the graphics are very appealing to players.  

Another great aspect of the game is you can create your own Sims such as having a random Sim generating and you can change the Sim’s body shape, the color of their skin, eyes, and hair, and more. While creating your sims, you are able to add in traits, pick what they wear such as their everyday outfits, sleepwears, swimsuits, and party outfits. You can also some makeup or face painting. You can make the Sim look exactly like you with the amazing detail to face and body changes.

Now, here is the one pet peeve I have going on with my game. The controls can sometimes be annoying for the simple fact that the pointer you use to click on things sometimes goes way too fast or way too slow. To add on, the game has had some issues with sim characters getting stuck or the game in general freezing in which you have to wait a few for the game to unfreeze.

However, those things I listed above are minor setbacks that sooner or later will get fixed with an update. I think everybody should give this game a try because it’s extremely fun and sometimes even makes time past by fast.

  • Released to PS4 and XBox One users Genre: Life Simulation
  • Prices vary from $29.99 to $49.99