Sign Language club: Ashley Baca

ASL in sign language

By Michelle Cruz ’20

Ashley Baca, a junior, is trying to start a new club: Sign language. The club is open to all grade levels and the full details about the club will be announced February seventh.

The reason for Baca’s quick interest for learning sign language was after her older sister had told her an incident where someone was only able to communicate through sign language. Baca had stated, “A deaf person came into the restaurant [where my sister worked at] and couldn’t communicate with her about what they wanted.”

After hearing about what happened, Baca felt that it was important for more people to learn sign language to be more inclusive of others.

“People who can only communicate through sign language shouldn’t have to [feel] excluded, or have to feel like they need to communicate a certain way,” Baca had continued on.

She had also added on to say that if more people learn sign language, than those who only communicate through sign language would not feel like they are outsiders.

Baca does not personally know anyone who communicates through sign language; however, she had mentioned that a show called “Switched at Birth” was what gave her more motivation to learn sign language.

The show “Switched at Birth” is based on two girls who were actually switched at birth. One of those girls began to lose their hearing at a young age, which caused her to learn sign language as another form of communication.

Baca was able to get the club started after asking her advisory teacher about what she could do: “she said to just ask one of the teachers [in the school] if they could sponsor my club.” The teacher that Baca was able to find to sponsor the club was Kaydee Wasserman. Baca had also needed to gather signatures from those who were interested in joining the club. She was able to get  two pages-front and back-full of signatures from different grade levels.

Baca went on giving more information about the club: “So far Wasserman is trying to see where we can arrange the club at.” She also added on to say that the meeting will be held-interviewed Baca before meeting was going to happen-on February seventh.

The Sign Language Club will go into effect this year. Baca had later mentioned that she is going make sure the club continues next year for both semesters.

Do not be discouraged when trying to create a club. Ask your advisory teacher if you are interested in creating your own club that everyone can enjoy. Like everything else, things take time in order for them to become officially in place.