Sierra’s ACT Experiment

Sierra’s ACT Experiment

By Alexis Tellez ’18

Many have heard of the class that Pablo Sierra, Principal of Pritzker College Prep and The Noble Academy, has offered to the students. During lunch, he personally announced this class and highly encouraged students to join, as he mentioned that this class will help them improve their reading ACT test scores. The class would start from Nov. 16 through Dec. 14.

Sierra, he stated, “We hope that their ACT reading scores will increase by at least two points during the next interim. This is, however, an experiment and we don’t really know the outcome. This is why it’s a trial for now. If it works, I would like to expand it to other students and other subjects.” For this to happen, students had to sign up for the class during lunch.

This might just be an experiment for now but if Sierra sees that it actually helps students increase their test scores, this would expand. With this, a lot more students might join his class and improve their scores. This will not only help them now, but it will also help them later on when they start applying to colleges. With a better score, the students will have a higher chance of having a lot more options on colleges they might want to attend.

The students will undergo tasks to improve their scores and improve their time. This means that the students that attend the classes will not just be able to answer questions with better precision, but they will also learn how to use their time more efficiently and go through as much of the test as they can as stated by Sierra: “They will be doing actual ACT reading passages […]they will also take home passages to review the next time in class.”

If this class actually ends up working and a lot more students join it, it will surely help out when it comes to improving their test scores. Also, Sierra said that if this class does end up helping students increase their test score he would like to not just try it with reading, but with the other subjects that are in the ACT. Now it would not just help improve test scores in reading, but it will also help in the other subjects, which means that in does subjects their score will also go up by at least two pints more. This will lead to a high composite in the ACT test. For now we will just have to wait and find out what was the results of Sierras classes and hopefully it will work and help out a lot more students improve their scores.