Shane Dawson: Are conspiracy theories facts?

A clip from Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theories Photo Credit: Atziri Tapia

By Atziri Tapia ’19

Do you believe in conspiracy theories with creepy music in the background, and a touch of a low suspense voice? Well Shane Dawson, a youtuber, shows a variety of theories with mind blowing information, comedic narration, and plenty of debates to stir up.

Dawson is a hilarious youtuber, who has been  creating videos since 2008, and has been successful with reaching more than 11 million subscribers and three billion views. Recently his conspiracy theory videos get up to five  million views or more. His fascination of theories started due to paranormal activity in his household. This event caused him to learn more about the ‘dark world’, such as the most infamous illuminati sign.

Conspiracy Theories to be confirm?

Dawson has over 50 videos related to this topic. He has gone over “CHILDREN SHOW CONSPIRACY THEORIES,” “MOVIE CONSPIRACY THEORIES,” “CELEBRITY CONSPIRACY THEORIES,” etc,. One interesting theory I found was the tickle me elmo. According to the owner, Elmo stated “Kill Jason.” I found this very hilarious but creepy at the same time. Is it real or fake? Also, as a fan of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody there’s a hiding word, Illuminati. Is it a coincidence or is it on purpose? Is the Illuminati claiming their work?

Comedic narration  

What makes this type of series comical is Dawson’s exaggerated emotions and entertaining choice of words. On “CHILDREN SHOW CONSPIRACY THEORIES,” he was talking about the Taco Bell sign hiding reptile eye and stated “Oh my god that one gives me the chills[…]. It makes you wonder who’s in control of the fast food industry[…] maybe it’s the reptile people.” I just started laughing because an image popped up of a funny looking reptile, and the way he started to shake his body and really act like he was in pain.


Dawson at the beginning of every conspiracy theory video includes a disclaimer stating that the theories presented are just theories and not facts. People tend to flip out and argue whether a certain theory is fake or real. I appreciate him placing that clip because he knows these theories are for people to enjoy and not believe in them.

However, some viewers are displeased with Dawson doing the same content, but he continues to make conspiracy theory videos because that’s what his fans ask him to do.

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