Seniors’ reactions to college admittances

Photo Credit: Mr. Das took a picture of Angelica Rosa’s disbelief from her admittance to Harvard University into the class of 2021 under Early Action.

By Irving Espinoza ’17

In 2013, the Class of 2017 graduated from middle school and chose which high school they decided to attend. Come freshman orientation, Pablo Sierra, Pritzker’s principal, gave us an analogy about life involving football field yards: he said to view our four years at Pritzker like a football player running through a football field, in particularly yards, because as fast as the player runs through the yards is how fast time would fly during our years at Pritzker. Fast forward time to three and a half years later, seniors are in their eighth, and final, semester of high school. All of our late nights of wallowing in self loathing for procrastinating last second on projects, lacking  sufficient sleep for months on end, and killing ourselves to endure hours of homework will finally pay off because Pritzker Graduation is held on June 7 at 7:00 to 9:00 pm!

Melanie Mojica, a senior, said, “Hope, Knox, U of I, UW-Madison, DePauw, and University of Dayton. My first choice[s] are Hope and Knox … I felt relief and excitement when I got accepted because there was a little part of me that doubted that I wouldn’t get in. The acceptance assured that I was meant to be part of those schools.” Mojica is one of many seniors who felt anxious after waiting weeks, even months, to hear about their admittance status for the colleges or universities they applied to. After enduring unpleasant anxiety to hear back  from schools, Mojica felt relief knowing she got into both of her desired schools .  

Melinda Hernandez, a Senior, stated, “I was accepted into Stanford University … my top choice. I felt surprised because they have an acceptance rate of less than 5%.” Hernandez, whose rank is first, got accepted into a very prestigious university, which by her surprise accepted her. Her rigorous work ethic and restless hours of studying, along with every other senior, has finally paid off since she got accepted into her dream school.

Zyanya Acosta, a senior, said, “[schools that accepted her] ISU, Truman State University, Bradley, Luther, Saint Mary’s etc. My top priority is to make my parents proud, as well as myself and be the best person I can be. I felt proud and satisfied that this is one step closer into leaving Pritzker.” Acosta articulates what every senior, and Pritzker student, has in mind: graduating from Pritzker and making our parents proud by attending college to have better opportunities in life than what they had. Acosta is already focusing on life after Pritzker. Like Mr. Sierra said, our time [current seniors] in Pritzker will fly by, which it has, and once it’s up, it’s up.

After various lectures about college, ACT testing, and months of enduring sleep deprivation while losing little to all sanity over deadlines, projects, and homework assignments, graduation is around the corner. Pritzker staff has done its best to educate the future generation of lawyers,  doctors, and possibly CEOs while instilling the “Be Noble” motto into our lives. Seniors are getting more excited by the day towards receiving our diplomas and celebrating with our families towards a new chapter beginning in our lives.