Seniors preparing for college and more

By Crystal Barrera ’20

College decisions are due on May 1 for seniors. Not only might this put pressure on the seniors, it is also a big commitment for the next four years. 

Senior Jonathan Morales states that his top three schools are the University of Illinois at Chicago, North Park University, and DePaul University because “they’re both affordable in both financial and transportation wise.” Also, he mentioned that they all help with his major. 

What Morales wishes to accomplish before going to college is to hang out with his friends who are going out of state. He also plans on getting a summer job or being part of an internship program to help pay his expenses in college and get a sense of his intended major.

“During college, I want to be more relaxed after four years at Pritzker, so rebooting so I can start all over again” stated Morales. He is half and half about the idea of the transition from high school to college being hard because “you’re starting all over, so new friends and new classes, and professors, but [not as hard] because college is supposed to be more fun and less strict, unlike Pritzker.” Morales believes that Pritzker has prepared him well for college.

Senior Frida Arroyo stated that her top schools are Tuft University, Duke, and Hamilton because they offer pre-dentistry programs since the dentistry field is her intended major. Arroyo wishes to get an internship where she gets paid, to get experience and money. The reason behind this is because Arroyo wants to get money to help pay her college books and other utilities. “[…] The transition from high school to college will be extremely hard because nobody will care about you, nor will anyone be there to hold your hand,” Arroyo stated. Arroyo’s parents do not mind her moving far away from home, as long as she takes care of herself. 

Senior Ariana Martinez states that her top three colleges at the moment are the University of Illinois at Chicago, Wright College, and Illinois State University because they are not far from home. Martinez does not plan to go out of state or out of the city for college. She will be spending her summer in Mexico with her family but still plans to get a job to pay for her books and tuition, similar to Morales and Arroyo. “I think that the transition from high school to college will be difficult because we will have to adjust to a new environment with new people,” Martinez stated.

Although these current seniors have about four months left before starting college (if they start during the fall of 2020), they are still making sure that they are having a productive spring/summer.