Seniors prepare for their senior project

By Jazlyn Jimenez ’20

The college team introduced the seniors to their senior projects last week during their Collegiate Seminar class.

For their senior project, seniors will have to compose a nine to 10 page research essay on a topic of their choosing. The essay will be worth 125 points, and it will make up 25% of their grade.

The 125 points are made up of six different categories. 25% percent of the points come for their annotated bibliography, 10% comes from their research topic proposal, 25% comes from the synthesis of the essay, 10% comes from participation, and 30% comes from the research paper itself.

The seniors were given a list of due dates of all their deadlines for their paper. The seniors filled out a survey via email of the broad topics they are interested in researching. The seniors then received an email that notified them who their mentor are for their paper.

Senior Oralia Olascoaga expressed that she likes the mentor system because the seniors will get “one on one attention.” However, senior Sahian Sotelo was not too fond of the mentor system since they do not get to choose who they get.

The next step for the seniors from there will be to set up a time to meet with their mentors to discuss potential research questions. The seniors must get their topic approved before Pritzker’s winter break on Dec. 19.

The seniors have not gotten much work time on their project in class thus far. Most of the work must be done on their own time outside of class with the guidance of their mentors.

The seniors will be working on their paper up until April. The final draft of their research paper is due on April 14 at midnight. This project is a graduation requirement, so if students fail this paper, they will not be able to graduate.

“I honestly don’t feel prepared at all. Like yes I know my topic, but throughout my four years of highschool, I don’t feel like it prepared me to write a paper like this,” expressed Sotelo.  

On the other hand, Olascoaga feels with some more research, she will be able to successfully complete her paper.

The seniors have a ton of mixed emotions on their senior project. Sotelo feels as though the senior project “lacks creativity.” She explained that even though they have a lot of space to write about whatever topic they want, writing a 10 page research essay is not exciting.

Olascoaga, on the other hand, is excited, as she gets to research and write a paper on something she is “passionate about.”