Seniors : National College Decision day

Some college options Photocredit: Jaime Aguilar

By Jesus Gonzalez ’20

The day is getting closer to when seniors have to choose which college or university they will be attending for the next four years. Seniors have come a long way to finally go to their college or university of their choice. Before going to college, a student must know what college or university he or she is attending. Therefore, students are required to choose the college they’re attending. More specifically, on May 1 seniors have to choose officially what college they going to, by signing this particular paper.   

One can say that it is a tradition at Pritzker to have the seniors say where they are attending in the lunchroom. This is the time when senior advisories line up, sign a waver, and state where they attend. Of course though, not every student knows yet where he or she is attending since it is approximately one month away.

There is the adrenaline choosing where your life would set in college or a university.

For instance, Marco Estrada, a senior at Pritzker College Prep, emphasized to the point that “I am having lots of pressure deciding on where to go because at first I did not think of going to college but know I am rethinking that so I need to pick a college.”

Similarly, Sebastian Delgado, a senior at Pritzker College Prep, concluded the point that “I am thinking a lot over the college I want to attend this fall, and I do not want to choose a college I am going to regret going to for the next so what years.”

However, there are students who are already prepare for college knowing where they want to attend. For example, Marisol Rivera, a senior at Pritzker College Prep, elaborated the fact that “I have been waiting for this moment really, and I am not having much pressure because I already know where I am going to attend this upcoming fall.”

Through senior year, seniors had to have a plan or process into choosing colleges that fit their ideal college and academics.

Not only do teachers help the students, but students use their own free time to get to know colleges that interest them.

As an example, Estrada elaborated that “Over some weeks I decided to look at the colleges’ websites along going around their campus for some information.”

In a similar way, Delgado concluded that “I look at brochures to see what I like from the colleges along by getting emails from colleges to see opportunities to that college.”

Overall, students are required to choose their college by May 1. People just want the students to make their choice to be wise.

Rivera emphasized that “I just wish that the seniors choose the college that best goes with what they want to experience along to enjoying their decision.”