Senior’s last time taking an AP test

By Jennifer Segura ’20

Pritzker offers students the opportunity to take AP classes, also known as advanced placement classes, and this year, seniors will be taking AP tests for Government and Politics, Calculus, Statistics, Psychology, Computer Science, or English. Students who take AP classes take a three to four-hour test in May for the opportunity to receive college credit. In order to receive college credit, students must obtain a score of three, four, or five out of five total possible points.

This is the last year seniors, who are taking AP classes, are going to take an advanced placement test. Will they be relieved that this is the last time they are going to be sitting down for a three hour test?

Senior Yoana Hernandez has previously taken the AP Language Arts and Composition test, and this year she will be taking two AP tests: Psychology and Government and Politics. On the other hand, Senior Dulce Zagal who has not previously taken any AP classes, this year, is taking AP Computer Science. Similarly,  Hernandez and Zagal are in the same honors Calculus class, and they are being given the opportunity to take the AP Calculus test.

Hernandez’s schedule for her tests are “Math on May 5, Psychology on May 12, and Government on May 4.” Meanwhile, Zagal’s schedule is Computer Science on “May 15” and AP Calculus on “May 5.” Zagal is feeling nervous about her tests, “I’m feeling really nervous because I’m not sure how I’m going to do in the exams. I want to be able to get a good score so it can reflect my ability to do Calculus.” Hernandez similarly seems nervous about taking her tests:“To a certain extent, I don’t fully feel prepared but somewhat.”

Hernandez is preparing to take her test by taking “time to understand some things [she] [does not] get while [she] is learning a certain topic.” Hernandez emphasized that she does have practice AP tests on Google Classroom and that she will “attend review sessions in the future.” In contrast, Zagal expressed that she does have practice tests and that her class does not “have review sessions, only when [they] are going to take the practice test.”

Both Zagal and Hernandez want to get a good score on their AP tests and prove their ability in those subjects. Zagal’s goal for the AP tests is to “show [her] ability [on] knowing how to do certain problems in the calculus exam and be able to know the vocabulary used in coding.” Hernandez’s goal is to get a score that will give her college credit: “My goal is to definitely get a five in my Calculus test and at least a four for my Psych and Gov tests.”

Zagal and Hernandez take a different approach to prepare themselves before the day of the test. For example, Zagal will do “a quick study to refresh [her] memory on problems [she] forgets how to do.” Zagal also stated how in the morning she will try to get a good breakfast. Likewise, Hernandez also said she would eat a healthy breakfast and have a good night’s sleep. 

If you are a student that will be taking an AP test or tests, remember to relax and do your best. Good luck!