Senior’s Last SAT

Khan Academy's SAT dashboard that has SAT test practices for students.

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

Since junior year, students have been focused on studying and preparing for the SAT because it is very important for colleges to see ones academic scores. When colleges consider to accept college applications; college administrators look at a variety of things  one of them being the SAT and GPA, so it is important to impress them by having a score that meets their standards. If students are not proud of their SAT score they have the opportunity to increase their scores. 

For instance, the last chance to take the SAT is in October, and seniors are trying to improve their scores to be applicable for more scholarships.

Yoana Hernandez, a senior, stated, “The way that I’m preparing for the SAT is by taking the opportunity to take the SAT class that was offered to help improve my score.”

Bryan Zumba, a senior, said, “I’m taking the friday classes.”

Frida Arroyo, a senior, did not take the SAT class offered to seniors instead she  explained, “For the SAT I have been practicing by doing Khan Academy.”

Current seniors have taken the SAT multiple times, but they seem to thrive for a better score each time.

Arroyo said, “I am not satisfied with my score, and I hope with practice I can get it up.”

Zumba also emphasized the importance of a higher and better score, “Even 10 points is the difference of thousands of dollars in scholarships.”

Similarly, Hernandez explained, “I plan to do better next time which is the reason I applied to the [SAT] class.”

SAT scores are important because it can help out the students with scholarships which give them a greater chance to go to colleges/universities. Students  want to attend college without having so much debt in the future.

Arroyo and Zumba, both emphasized that they were very nervous about trying to get the score they want to be able to  have more opportunities for better scholarships.

Hernandez stated, “The fact that based on my score I can get scholarship money makes me nervous.”

Students try to get scholarships to minimize the price of tuition for the college of their choice. Scholarships help them reduce their debt with thousands of dollars.

Hernandez went on to say that she doesn’t want her parents to pay a lot of money. She also does not want to be in debt for a long time.

Students have different methods of preparing themselves for the SAT and all ways work for them. They go to extra classes, study their notes, and even do online work using Khan Academy and IXL. SAT scores are important for their future success, and they are doing everything they can to improve their score.