Seniors enjoy special dinner with families

Families listen as Mr. Seigle announces awards at Senior Dinner

By Yaneet Rodriguez ’18 and Jennifer Salinas ’18

On May 25, senior students enjoyed a dinner party with their families and  senior staffs at Porretta’s Banquet

The senior dinner is an event where seniors get to thank the senior staff and celebrate their hard work throughout the year. Seniors also get to  share  memories that they had throughout the years with their friends and family.

During the dinner, teachers gave out awards to students who showed that they worked hard during their four years experience at Pritzker. Some of the awards were math award, science award, and athletic  award. Joshua Vega won the athletic award and Jonathan Santos won the science award.

Once the award ceremony was done, dinner was served. While everyone was eating, a slideshow of pictures made by students was presented.  

Javier Huazano, a senior, stated, “I would remember this night, not only because it was the senior dinner but also because I was able to have one last time with teachers and some friends.” All the seniors enjoyed this special day with the people that helped them throughout the year

Marilyn Burns was in charge of planning the Senior dinner. Burns mentioned her feelings on preparing the dinner for students. She stated “I enjoy that the parents are out with the students. It was exciting planning the dinner and getting to pick the right atmosphere for the students and parents. I didn’t like how some people came late. It was hard to find seats but it worked out.”