Seniors committing to their future college

Seniors committing to their future college

During this time of year, seniors have heard back from all of the colleges they have applied to, and, now, they have to make the decision on where they want to go. However, what makes this interesting is that some students are not given the chance to visit campuses before they make their decision on May 1, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) closing college campuses all across the country. But it is not that strange when some seniors commit to a college without even stepping foot on campus.

Senior Steven Camey has committed to his college without visiting the campus. “At first I was nervous because I did not know what it was like being on campus, but after some research and talking to other students on campus I realized that I really do like this school,” Camey stated. Although making this decision took a while to make, Camey mentioned that it was a little difficult to make because he was not “able to meet with [his] counselor as much”. However, Camey was able to do research on the school and was able to reach out to some current students to talk about their experience from school.

Different from Camey’s experience, senior Griselda Jimenez was able to actually visit campus before making her college decision. “I was fortunate enough to visit the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before this year,” Jimenez stated. Before making her decision, Jimenez used her previous experience as one of the factors as to why she wanted to commit to her future college. However, Jimenez was a little nervous about committing to her college because she was not able to visit campus again to see if “some things changed and that if [she] still would like the campus”. 

Both students have had a different experience when committing to their future colleges. However, a common factor both Jimenez and Camey considered when committing to their future college is the financial aid. “The financial aid U of I was offering me is one of the big factors I considered when committing to their school,” Jimenez said. Going with the same idea, Camey also considered his school because of his financial aid package that was offered to him. “The College of Wooster offered me a great financial aid package and it had all of the factors I was looking for in a school,” Camey mentioned. 

Despite what is going on right now in the world, seniors still have to make their final decision on where they want to go for college. The reason why is because some schools are still expecting a decision by May 1, while other schools pushed back their decision date to June 1. Whatever the case may be, seniors need to consider what they want in a college and if it is affordable.