Senior wills: Seniors pass on their legacies

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

This is a part of the newspaper dedicated to what the seniors are leaving behind to underclassmen.


I Emily Almaraz, will to Bryan Aguilar the power to do his homework and to stop complaining about not wanting to get a haircut for MCJROTC.


I, Cristian Alonso, will to Brian Arzate the motivation to do his work by encouraging him to become a successful person in his life.


I, Karina Alvarez, will to Emiliano Alvarez the task to finish all his work and not slack off.


I, Esme Arceo, will to Aaron Quinones the optimism and spirit that was vital to my staying focused during senior year, and the duty of continuing and improving the legacies left behind by graduating seniors in Concert Choir.


I, Rigoberto Arceo, will to Christian Morales the power of choir leadership to the Basses and making them laugh.


I, Gerardo Arellano, will to Oswaldo Arellano determination as possible in class and outside, especially on the Fitness Test for PE.


I, Monica Birriel, will to all 11th graders not to pull their hairs because they decided  to leave everything for last minute, be productive.


I, Genesis Brioni, will to Ariana Lopez the task of making posters for the football team.


I, Leilani Brown, will to Angel Franco the duty to make sure everyone around him is always smiling and having a good day, including Cristeyli Delacruz and Julia White.


I, Gladis Bueno, will to Marlene Ocampo the responsibility of expanding the girls’ Ultimate Frisbee team by encouraging more girls to join and having fun.


I, Brittney Cajigas, will to the 2017 class the motivation and influence to chase your dreams and make them into a reality.

I, Monica Calderon, will to Giovanni Boyas the power to continue when things get hard.

I, Bianca Cardero, will to Desiree Cardero the duty of keeping the Cardero dynasty alive at Pritzker.


I, Lusia Del Carmen Castillo, will Barbara Garcia and Jonathan Garcia to always put their hearts into their soccer team. Barbara, keep going well in school and stop being shy. Jonathan, keep being the funny kid, but stay out of trouble. I know you guys will be the great class of 2018! (: <3


I, Joel Carvajal, will to Sylvester Gonzalez the ability to end senior year with high grades and not getting any detentions


I, Ruben Casas, will to Jonathan Garcia to stay focused on his class work on time and stay on task throughout the school year.


I, Nikole Chamorro, will to Yoluis Chamorro the strength to not miss me when I move out :), and the determination to get into the college of your dreams!


I, Silvia Chile, will to Erika Aro the great duty to be an amazing leader next year in the Pritzker MCJROTC Program. You just gotta believe in yourself girl. You will grow and mature so much! Take advantage of every opportunity you have to grow as a leader. I wish you the best 🙂


I, Destiny Concepcion, will to Sadee Stelzik the duty of finishing high school at Pritzker and being a strong minded kid.


I, Daniel Duran will to leave to an underclassmen my locker in the band room, as I know the struggle of not having an individual locker in band to put one’s instrument and music sheets.


I, Israel Espinosa, will to Bryan Espinosa my motivation to not sleep in class. I, Israel Espinosa, will to Isabel Zavala my artistic passion.

I, Melissa Espino, will to Mia Wiley to keep on being the best captain for the soccer team and for her to have them go to the championship once again and win it.

I, Karina Espinoza, will to Miguel Cardenas the power of hard work in band and in all classes. Never stop working hard and get that full right you want for college.


I, Adan Montanez, will to Josiah Sanabria to be the best Ultimate player


I, Antonio J Ruiz, will to any student my advice, so they won’t end up like me having a sad and lonely four years at Pritzker, and if you have any trouble, you should go talk to your parents because they’re the only people who would always be there for you and not turn their back on you, and will always have room inside their hearts to listen to what you have to say.


I, Alex Rivera, will to Aldo Portillo a lifetime supply of swag.


I, Isela Romero, will to Giovanna Bautista the duty of keeping the Lady Jaguars Basketball team motivated and to finish off strong, the power to finish her senior year off strong by having a gpa over a 3.5.


I, Veronica Suarez, will to Suzette Suarez the pleasure to not be identified as “Veronica’s little sister” but as her own individual. Make sure to never stop giving up on yourself and to always try your best.


I, Adrian Ortega, will to Luis Ramirez and Angel Bisino the jazz improvisational skills.  


I, Jonathan Rivera, will to Savannah Martinez the power to stay focused in school, but to also make sure she make her last year her best year and leave with no regrets.


I, Esteban Perez, will to Hernan Bueno #98 the leadership of Team X in Ultimate Frisbee. Good luck on leading them through wins and losses, and make sure that the legacy left behind by me and others continues.


I, Jose Nunez, will to Josiah Sanabria the strength and best of luck on being the most motivated freshman ultimate player. I have never seen a freshman more skilled and competitive among the senior ultimate players. I hope you will surpass the 2016 seniors players, and I cannot wait to see the 2019 senior, Josiah Sanabria, in action.



I, Christopher Rojas, will to Marc Carbajal the title of best Scrumhalves in Pritzker Rugby history.


I, Diana Segovia, will to Nadia Segura, Priscila Bautista, and Desiree Cardero the strength to compete against other debate teams and being successful in classes without doubting themselves.  


I, Jennifer Figueroa, will to Fernando Orihuela the power to be the sassy spirit of Snowball.


I, Nina Mojica, will to Jocelyn Delgado the ability to be loud and proud about all of her decisions in order to succeed in the rest of her 3 years at Pritzker.


I, Javier Huazano, will to Fatima Huazano the power of helping in the main office and the leadership of becoming social and achieving the highest community service hours as well as receiving the Vittum Human Spirit Award 2019.


I, Fernando Medrano, will to Allan Macias the strength to prioritize the important things first and to always have a positive mindset no matter the situation.


I, Guillermina Obispo, will to Fernando Obispo the power to not give up when things get difficult at school and home.


I, Stephanie Ramirez, will to Lupe Ramos the duty to not be lazy and to go to every Soccer practice.


I, Angelica Fernandez, will to the Pritzker Cheerleaders to power to continue as the champions for more years to come! I, Angelica Fernandez (C/Captain Fernandez), will to the MCJROTC cadets to never lose motivation, strive to be leaders, and clearly listen to the words of Gunnery Sergeant Alvarez (aka the Gunny).


I, Julio Garcia, will to Raul Andrade the job of doing good in class even though I know he might get lazy now that he will be a Senior.


I, Sandra Mizhquiri, will to Karen Bahena the obligation of not slacking back for not doing her work.


I, Jaslene Rios, will to Selena B. Rios, my little sister, the strength to never give up even when life becomes too hard because that’s when you know that you are living life right! Keep moving forward, not for me or for anyone else, but for yourself because you have the power to succeed, you just need a little bit of motivation.


I, Angelica Fernandez, will to Giovanna Bautista the strength to become your own person, stay positive, and not lose motivation.

I, Jazline Ferrer, will to Kiara Ferrer leave a positive vibe. You’re the last Ferrer attending, so don’t mess it up. But hey, no pressure right? Try to get rest, no more procrastinating till 11pm. Good luck, you got this!


I, Jacqueline Rodriguez, will to Brittney Arroyo the power to make it throughout her years left here at Pritzker with a good mind set and a positive attitude.


I, Isabel Del Valle, will to Giovanna Bautista the duty to be a leader on the softball team, the power to make anyone laugh with your “Windex” laugh, and making sure you stay true to who you are and never giving up on yourself.


I, Sergio Tovar, will to Juan Tovar the ability to always put effort in whatever you do in school and out of school.


I, Maria Perez, will to Michelle Perez the power to not give up when she gets senioritis, and making sure she takes good care of my dog when I leave.


I, Krystal Lagunas, will to Adamaris Reyes to persevere through the most stressful times and to seek help and encouragement when needed.


I, Alan Lozano, will to Alexis Moreno and Ismael Sanchez the power of Frisbee leadership in Ultimate Frisbee.


I, Jonathan Rivera, will to Savannah Martinez the power to stay focused in school, but to also make sure she makes her last year her best year and leaves with no regrets.


I, Melyza Medina, will to Salvador Medina the perseverance he carries in his hands and the diligence within his heart to not stop until he has fulfilled absolute happiness and satisfaction.


I, Desiree Jimenez, will to Destiny Jimenez the confidence to finish every soccer season as champions.


I, Joseph Soto, will to Maria Orduno and Melinda Hernandez the duty of carrying on our percussion legacy.  


I, Joselin Romero, will to Miriam Suarez the duty to not procrastinate and my passion for Russian.


I, Nitza A. Rosario, will to Marc Anthony Carbajal the skills needed to pass his AP Language and Comp exam, the property I have at Pritzker (my locker), and the ability to prove to himself that he is capable of anything he puts his mind to no matter the circumstances.


I, Crismar Mendoza, will to Rachel Avellaneda the power to be the best Soprano she can be and always try her best when she is ever ready to give up.

I, Prisila Serrano, will to any 9-11 grader the power to belive in themselves and graduate.  


I, Elizabeth Velasquez, will to Miriam Higareda the duty to continue being a smart pickle.


I, Dayana Zagal, will to Alma Hernandez making sure that she works hard on her IB classes and keeps striving for success.


I, Rafael Zamora, will to Oscar Comas the duty of motivating the next generation of baseball players to go to practice and work as a team in order to avoid fights and gain victories. I leave this duty to Oscar Comas because he has the leadership to accomplish the mission.


I, Nancy Rodriguez will to Angelica Rosa the task of continuing to be the little ray of sunshine you always were, and never give up.  


I Hugo Chavez, will to Adrian Chavez the duty to achieve all of your goals.


I, Erik Lopez, will to Hector Lopez to do his homework and graduate, if not from Pritzker, from any other high school. As all he graduates.


I, Sheyla Castellanos, will to Josua Soto 10th grader to do his homework. Because you the bad habits will stay with you forever, it is really hard to make them go away.
I, Adaly Villamil, will to Uriel Villamil the duty to be one of the best soccer players at Pritzker College Prep.