Senior Wills: Class of 2020

Senior Wills: Class of 2020

I, Noel Candelaria, will to Angelina Serna: endless love, strength, and passion to keep achieving greatness. 

I, Allen Trinidad, will to Chris Bisono captain of the baseball team. Chris, I know you have what it takes to be a good leader. I believe in you. 

I, Crystal Mastache, will to Yasmine Mastache the courage to try new things.

I, Joe R Reyna-Portillo, will to Josue Martinez the right to dominate in any history class. 

I, Katya Lugo, will to Alessandra Lugo to continue to be the successful girl I know she is and to never give up. Continue to dream big little sister.

I, Joshua Richard Kelly, will to Monica Rodriguez and Luis Gonzalez patience, compassion, and benevolence towards individuals to those who deserve and those who don’t, and you two ALWAYS must keep hope in a better future for yourselves and others.

I, Jahson Galvan, will to Diana Lagunas strive to be on the Varsity Girls’ Soccer team and to excel in school.

I, Alexa Martinez, will to Everling Martinez with excellence in a classroom.

I, Efren Meza, will to Eduardo Meza my band locker. 

I, Al Green, will to Citlali Sanchez an easy path to success her senior year.

I, Michelle Cruz, will to Ricardo Cruz and Jesus Cruz be more active with school events. 

I, Jonathan Orihuela, will to my sister Zayuri Orihuela patience with the amount of work that she is going to receive in the next 3 years.

I, Ashley Medina, will to Ms. Fifolt the same patience that she had with our advisory for her new advisory. 

I, Valeria Valdez, will to Skylah Martinez and Zulema DeLuna the role of Pritzker Varsity Cheer Captain. The sky’s the limit, cheer babies! Show them our title is here to stay. I can’t wait to see how much you grow and all the amazing victories that are to come!

I, Arianna Valentin, will to Isabella Valentin all the encouragement and strength to complete her four years at Pritzker. 

I, Denise Jimenez, will to Danny Jimenez guidance through his journey to pursue his dreams. 

I, Stephanie Resendiz, will to Yamylett Correa, the next spot to be the Director for Latin Jaguars. 

I, Marco Roman, will to Andres Roman success to next year’s track team.

I, Alexa Martinez, will to Devani Martinez be social and outgoing. 

I, Joe Reyna, will Imanol Sanchez to carry on my EDH play style which consists of board wiping and appearing to be weak but deadly 

I, Iker Gomez, will to future Noble students all the best in their years to come. Sadly, I was the only person in my family to ever attend a Noble School. 

I, Jazmin Tello, will to Elizabeth Gutierrez bring home the championship and finally get a shirt. 

I, Exavier De La Cruz, will to Gabriel Delgado the courage to spread the Gospel via whatever opportunity God gives him to do so.

I, Bianca Rodriguez, will to Emily Gonzalez all my Bio670 fly babies.

I, Emily Pereznegron, will to Mia Guerrero the patience and willpower to continue as a cheerleader. 

I, Dafne Justo, will Eddie Garcia and Jocelyn Molina to both succeed and keep that 4.0 GPA high throughout their last years in Pritzker. I believe in you two.  

I, Alejandro Licea, will Alondra Rodriguez to graduate Pritzker with High Honor Roll.

I, Eulalia Silverio, will to Makyla Person great success in 12th grade and reach her standards and be nice and kind with people.

I, Diana Rea, will Itzel Melendez to never give up. 

I, Emily Pereznegron, will to Gregorio Chavez and Emiliano Torres leadership as co-captains of the Pritzker Debate Team.

I, Kayla Cruz, will Jazmin Bustamante to continue to be the strong person that I know and will always remain true to herself.